Spygate: The Democrats infiltrate the Trump Campaign

May/13/2018 9:13AM
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So the latest issue with the endless news about campaign interference in the 2016 campaign suggests the FBI put a mole into the Trump campaign to report back to the FBI any improprieties. Is this worse than breaking into Watergate. Depends on who you ask. From my perspective it is. The men in this picture above in the top row all need to go to prison. And, whoever instructed them to do this should go too.


Is Halper the mole the FBI put into the Trump campaign to report problems?

From the original CTH article:

“There are about two dozen check-references to identify who the ‘source’ was in providing the underlying intelligence to CIA Director John Brennan; who then wrote the “EC” for the FBI; which started the 2016 Counterintelligence Operation.

Stefan Halper checks off every single box:  ?Currently overseas. ?Current/Former CIA operative. ?Current/Former source for FBI. ?Anti-Trump motive. ?Formerly put together this exact type of operation. ?Connections to UK spies/intel community/politicians. ?Connection to Australian spies/intel community. ?Connection to Alexander Downer. ?Political operative. ?Wanted Clinton to win 2016 election. ?Connects to Carter Page. ?Connects to George Papadopoulos. ?Connects to John Brennan. ETC.”

All of this speculation is “above my pay grade”…Sundance linked to several articles for deeper info:


There are numerous references to timeframes around July 2016, when the FISA court abuses & spying on Trump “began”.  There are also many players & tentacles articulated within the complex DC tale…


There is a detailed retelling of Halper’s lengthy resume in the above link including work in several Administrations; connections to the CIA, banking, foreign affairs, education, & communications (newspaper, radio, & TV); & he was experienced in digging up political dirt on opponents of his clients/chosen candidates.

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