A Funeral, A Shotgun, A Wedding, and Student Loans

May/19/2018 7:48AM
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First, on a personal note, I apologize for a lack of reporting this week. We held a Memorial Service for my beloved mother-in-law, Betty. She exemplified the greatest generation. She lived 3 months past her 100th birthday and never made an enemy in all those years. She was born in her small town in Michigan at home and died in that same town in her home. She loved her town and never wanted to live anywhere else. She never saw a charity she didn’t want to help in some way and left a great part of her remaining estate to her church and to a fund to provide scholarships for local kids. She rarely missed a University of Michigan football game on TV, nor a Tigers or Lions game.  When I heard people say a person had class, I compared that person to Betty, and most came up short. God Bless you Betty, we miss you.

Now to the shotgun, the kid in Santa Fe, Texas did most of his damage with that weapon. The one-trick pony people are flummoxed by that since they know they can’t outlaw shotguns. So, the single answer to every school shooting doesn’t work for this one. They may have to address mentally ill kids and poor parenting and violent video games produced by their liberal friends in Hollywood along with their TV and movie violence. Plus, the endless coverage by liberal news stations that create the “me too” syndrome. Those who buy simple answers to complex problems are simple people. Maybe Hillary was right when she said most Democrats are stupid and will buy whatever she wants to sell. She was out quickly with her gun control answer on this one.

That leads me to the Royal Wedding for a prince who will never be king, much like Obama. Men who do nothing but are loved by the liberal media. I apologize to my UK friends but keeping royals  around and importing Muslims by the millions doesn’t make me want to be like you. But, most liberals in this country do. And, the media, like school shootings, just can’t get enough. Trump wasn’t at the wedding, he was meeting with survivors of the shooting in Texas.

Finally, student loans. I talked with a very bright and personable young lady who works as a server at a restaurant. She has an undergraduate degree in psychology. She worked as many as three jobs while getting that degree but did need $15K in student loans. She has paid a lot back but still owes a lot. To make here degree worth much she needs a graduate degree. To get that degree where she has been accepted it costs $36,000 per year. So she would need to incur an additional $72,000 in loans to be able to move on and do the work she set out to do and make $100,000 a year.

The trap that higher education is setting for our youth may be the most unkind form of passive aggressive behavior today.  Educators who can’t run anything run these institutions supported by trustees who want good seats for the football games.  They run them like the VA hospitals. Overpay everyone, build things that don’t have anything to do with education, and know they can fill the slots due to student loans. Stop the government involvement in this business( housing bubble with Government loans) and many kids will have to go to the trades or junior colleges and 50% of the universities will either close or cut costs and tuitions. Until that happens we will mortgage the futures of so many young people like the one who is waiting table with a degree in psychology.

Can’t wait until next week.

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