Fake News on Paul Ryan’s Retirement

April/12/2018 18:38PM
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IMG_1792IMG_3153IMG_3221IMG_3314IMG_2169Weinermobile Paul RyanNearly every media outlet ran a story to this effect with the Ryan announcement: GOP is in trouble for mid term elections with the Ryan announcement. Explain that. Most of the 63 million of us who voted for Trump despise the Judas Paul Ryan. Two-faced, he never supported Trump. He epitomizes the term RINO and is a true swamp critter. In it for himself and portrayed as a numbers wizard, or policy wonk. In the private world that’s a mid level employee who can be replaced in a day. Here’s what will determine the mid-term elections. What the voters see, not what the fake news media trumpets daily. Russia, Stormy Daniels, etc, etc. Really marginal people selling trash.


ISIS is defeated. Rocket Man shut up, China is capitulating on trade, corporate profits will hit an all-time high, losers get fired not kept on, he is building his team, and the country is on the right road. He is running it like a businessman, not a slave to a moronic media that can’t focus on any key factor for 5 minutes. Journalism degree is worthless today and its easy to see why. So, let’s see media. Ryan’s departure is a plus, and the mid-term elections will be fine for the GOP. so keeping making the Democrats look dumber than they can make themselves.


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