We, the People, Can’t Have………

March/21/2018 22:32PM
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This is the ugliest time in my history in American politics. We have reached a point where it is simply unacceptable to have a Republican president who is trying to reverse the efforts of the previous president who was pushing us into a socialist nation. Each day we face a barrage of unkind media trash about Trump. It’s not tempered with any modicum of respect or supported by fact, it’s just disrespectful personal attacks. So, I begin by saying “we the people” who choose to have a Republican President who does not want socialism, Globalism, liberalism, open borders, guns, smaller government, etc. are being told no.

Moving on here’s a list of other things our hired hands say we can’t have. Strange that we hire the people, pay the people, but we have little if any control over what they do.

1. Term limits. Of the 630 employees we hire, 400 are past retirement age and show that every day. They get rich while we pay them no more than a mid-level employee in a private company. They have zero accountability and thus no stress. The main interest is reelection and wealth accumulation.

2. A wall on the southern border. 63 million of us voted for that, but a Congressman from Wisconsin with 230,000 votes and many of his constituents who are on the get rich and be elected forever program say no. In addition we see illegal immigrants as illegal and  they should not remain here and be treated better than US citizens.

3. Balanced budgets. Nothing the Federal Government runs is efficient. Yes, the military fights well, but remember the $3 million gas station they built-in Afghanistan? Or, the equipment they pay too much for or scrap without using? Or the way the Veterans Hospitals run? How about the Post Office? Or, Amtrak and the losses and wrecks there? Foreign Aid to countries that hate us? Public employee salaries and benefits? Bottom line, we hire people and they tell us sorry, we will spend what we want to spend, not what you prefer.

4. Well-run, efficient schools that turn out students that compete with the rest of the world on test scores. Sorry, when you unionized the schools, you lost that option.

5. Reasonable health care at fair cost. Nope, any hope of that vanished with the advent of ObamaCare. It destroyed the health care system and it will be like the schools broken forever. Soon, the Social Security we paid into and they mismanage will be all absorbed by the Medicare deduction. But, rest assured illegals will get free health care by showing up at emergency rooms.

6. Colleges and universities that don’t preach liberal politics and have good stewardship and fair tuition. Nope, both get worse with every passing year.

7. Fair and unbiased media. Nope, just about equal with Tass and Pravda now.

8. An unbiased justice system at the Federal level. Guess not. We now find the fix was in for Hillary and much of the system is not neutral and apolitical. Do you know many attorneys who aren’t liberals?

This is just a short list of our failures as supervisors of our hired hands. We may feel bad at the Federal level but those of us who live in Illinois or California should really be embarrassed.  Both states are totally out of control and may face bankruptcy due to excessive spending which is creating higher taxes and the exodus of taxpayers. They may be a precursor of what could happen at a national level if we keep ignoring how our employees are running the store.

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