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March/02/2018 9:59AM
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He who has the best sound bite wins. Sound bite as defined by” a short extract from a recorded interview, chosen for its pungency or appropriateness”.   Here are a few: “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” (JFK),  “I am not a crook” (Nixon), ” I did not have sexual relations with that woman” (Bubba), and, of course, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” BHO.  “Read my lips, no new taxes” (Bush 41).

We have become a nation with zero attention span. The most recent example is the tragic Florida school shooting. The singular liberal solution: “gun control” .  It’s a complex issue and requires many potential solutions, but gun control may win the day for the Democrats. Or, lose the day. Statistics show 42% of the population own a gun. Not all of those are Republicans. Not all are criminals killing 650 fellow citizens in Chicago last year. Recent polls are showing that was a bad sound bite for the Democrats just as “read my lips’ was for Bush 41.

Look at the Republican tax plan. Remember the numbers wonk Paul Ryan putting audiences to sleep explaining the benefits? Democrats solution “it benefits the rich”.  Republicans attempt to end Obamacare, which is now ending on its own since it was a total disaster: “heartless Republicans want to kill millions of Americans.” Medicare reform” “push granny off the cliff”.

Climate change is dying due to failure to produce the predicted changes ten years ago. Every network news program used to have a climate change feature. Now, just as global freezing died after 10 years in the 70″s, it just fades away. Sound bite: “save the planet” Pictures of starving polar bears. Great stuff.

obama climate changeNow there’s immigration: Obama: “that’s not who we are as a country” Translation, we are a nation of fools who will admit anyone and do so knowing they will damage the country but vote Democrat forever. My translation: we are smarter than that and getting smarter every day. Immigration and tax reform may save the day for the Republicans in the next election.

Trump is good at sound bites. Much better than Obama who spoke paragraphs with zero meaning. So far, Trump’s best in my judgment is “fake news”. When 18% of us trust the media, he’s talking to 82%. Doesn’t get any better. Democrats response: “Trump is not presidential”.  True, compared to Obama he is very pedestrian. But, here is my portrait of Obama:

obama stutters

Or, this:

pj boy and obma's selfie

He was given the label, great orator. But, other than the sound bite regarding your doctor, name one memorable thing he said in 8 years.

Here’s my closer: Hillary lost the election and the Democrats, masters of the sound bite, responded with this: “Russian interference”

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