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February/28/2018 9:25AM
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san francisco

Here’s what the Democrats have done to San Francisco. Been there lately? Talked to anyone who has? The city smells like a sewer or an outhouse, which it is. It’s a frat house with zero adult supervision. Anything goes. That’s the end game for progressives. It’s spreading throughout the state. Whites are a minority in the state and it is becoming Mexico.

Common sense would seem to say, let’s not do that in my state or city. I can plainly see this is a bad idea, right? Wrong. This is from the Conservative Review:

Chicago is in serious trouble.

“In addition to jaw-dropping levels of crime and gang violence, the city has to worry about illegal immigration, government bankruptcy, rampant corruption, and a mayor who has no clue what he’s doing.

Chicago appears to have this terrible habit of banning all the things that would help the city (like Trump’s policies on crime and legal guns) and welcoming in all the things that hurt the city (like laws that give “sanctuary” for criminals and illegal aliens responsible for an exploding crime rate.)

The president vowed during the campaign to put an end to the crime, announcing that “the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon…come to an end.”

But he may not be able to do that with progressives running the show in that city.

Acting director of ICE Thomas Homan told Fox News his officers aren’t even allowed to talk to people who are in this country illegally and incarcerated. “If they get booked in the Cook County jail, my officers don’t have access to them, they don’t accept our detainers, and these criminal aliens go back onto the streets to reoffend,” he said.

Meanwhile, under Trump’s administration, crime rates all around the country are falling, and the United States is set to have one of its lowest crime rates in 30 years. The mayor of Chicago could learn a thing or two from the president.

Rahm Emanuel needs to focus on the real problems of a city so dangerous people call it “Chiraq.” Banning Trump won’t solve that, and neither will scaring students into hating his policies. It’s not the mayor’s job to tell these kids what to think. It is his job to protect the city.”

The city is bankrupt and is bankrupting the state which really doesn’t need the help. Public employee pensions are sinking both.  People are leaving the city and the state in record numbers. Property taxes which are the highest in the nation are driving them out.

Why is Emanuel making Chicago a sanctuary city? For compassion reasons? No, for political reasons. Hispanics in Chicago have become the second largest population surpassing blacks. Need I say more?

The media keeps the country focused on Russia, Trump’s tweets, gun control, etc. The colleges and universities teach kids the progressive way. Hollywood stays the hell out of San Francisco but supports all things liberal.

My question, why don’t the Republicans use good marketing and sell the simple truth. Do you wants San Francisco or Chicago for America?

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Comments (4)

  1. Jim Hicks says:

    You ain’t kidding!!! San Diego, Orange, LA Counties, it’s all the same.
    Tax this, Tax that – everything now, soon – Parcel Taxes.
    Grew up in CA since 03/1958 – it was different back then, moved to Texas 1978 and met my wife – moved back to CA 1991.
    Me and my Wife will be out of CA soon and Retire – Arizona or Texas – most likely Texas because all her sisters live there. I think Texas needs some more Republicans anyhow.

  2. Doug Gordon says:

    Interesting item in the news about a hostage in a church shooter situation who picked up the gun/took gun from armed assailant when others jumped the kidnapper and were wrestling with him. Police had been called and told of the armed hostage situation. When the police arrive the guy with the gun gets ordered to drop the gun. Fearing it might go off, he was slowly lowering the gun to the ground while telling them he had been a hostage and was not the perp. The police decided he wasn’t complying fast enough and shot him twice. Almost hit an artery, would have died, but he lived through it.

    So much for the highly trained police response that will protect all the innocents from gun violence … Sure doesn’t make me want to support the liberal agenda to take all the guns from everyone but the government/police.

    Sad it was in Amarillo, TX. I too was planning on retiring to Texas from “Taxachusetts”.

  3. Aliakbar says:

    Jim Hicks says :, thanks for the article post.Really thank you! Great.

  4. socialnews says:

    The sitting government was elected by toe voting public to govern the province they did not do so by extortion. Unions however seem think that they are the only ones fit to make legislative decisions; but they were never elected by the public to do so. It is time for unions to stick to collective bargaining, which is what they were put in place to do and leave provincial governance decisions to the elected government. If the voting public is dissatisfied with the government”s actions, they will be told so by the voting public. There is no legal reason for a union to have called its membership together to vote on possibly taking illegal strike action that act in of itself is tantamount to enticing otherwise law abiding citizens to become criminals that was not why unions were first formed. The NSTU threatens the government and the public with the potential negative effects that would happen to the students if a strike were to occur the union uses students as pawns and it is disgraceful. It is extortion pure and simple.

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