Obama Wiretapped Trump Headquarters

February/08/2018 10:00AM
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barry the cable guy

I lived through Watergate. Watching it unfold was like watching erosion. Nixon was reelected in the midst. I’m watching a rerun with the FISA(Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) scam to wiretap the Trump Campaign Headquarters. In the former they left with a box of documents. In this one they listened in for God knows  how long and reported what hey heard to the Clinton Campaign and the President of the USA. In the former a President resigned and some of the people involved went to prison. The same should be true here. Obama and Clinton and the NSA and FBI people involved should enter the prison system. Starting here.


In the former,  John Dean, was the canary that sang and capped the whole mess. There is a canary out there, and Jeff Sessions needs to find the bird and get the song on record.

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  1. Al Withey says:

    Bill I donot know how I missed this Blog ,but Berry the Cable Guy was good, like you said where is Mr Mago (our missing in action AG)

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