It’s Reagan’s Birthday Today

February/06/2018 16:51PM
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Yesterday we toured the Reagan Presidential Library. Today is the date President Reagan was born in 1911. reagan library It is ironic the similarities between Reagan and Trump:

15 Things Trump and Reagan Have in Common

Image: 15 Things Trump and Reagan Have in Common
A recently unearthed photo shows young Donald Trump shaking hands with President Ronald Reagan.

Image result for trump reagan comparison meme

Both men followed two of the worst presidents in the history of this country. Both are strong supporters of the military and the veterans. Reagan faced military threats from Communist Russia and had hostages in Iran. Trump faces threats from North Korea and Iran. Carter created artificial energy shortages through government allocations and price controls. Trump is opening up drilling to keep the energy momentum going. Reagan had his weekly radio messages and Trump uses Twitter to get his message out. Neither man got into politics for personal gain.

Reagan’s success as a modern day president in unchallenged. Even Obama acknowledged that. Trump is writing his legacy. The media disliked both and Reagan prevailed despite that. It remains to be seen if Trump can do the same.

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