Florida School Shooting

February/16/2018 11:16AM
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Everyone on the news, in politics, and in Hollywood has a solution to these horrific shootings. Very simple, gun control. Like they have in Chicago where they had 650 murders last year. But, hardly newsworthy. Many younger than those shot in Florida.

hlmencken1-2xWhen liberals talk gun control they mean total gun control. The kind where only criminals will have guns other than the government that we trust so much. It’s like single payer health insurance. Start with a mess like Obamacare then evolve into the full-blown worse mess. Start with automatic weapons and evolve into no weapons.

Other ideas put forth. An armed guard in every school. Arming teachers. Metal detectors. It’s the FBI’s fault, if they weren’t texting 50,000 texts to girl friends, they could follow-up on the lead they had here. It’s like a circular firing squad to use a bad pun for this disaster. The media are front and center running hours of news on this for days on end. Do they have an agenda? Of course, they want gun control. Hard to put a sad situation in perspective but there were 40,000 deaths from car accidents in 2017. In each instance there was as much personal grief and heartache as the 17 deaths here will bring.  There were 63,000 drug overdoses in the US in 2017, many teens in that number.  Teen suicides are up 31%. The culprit, per the same pundits who blame guns for mass shootings–the I Phone.  Once again, most of these tragedies are ignored by the mass media. One statistic I found said there are 250,000 deaths a year due to medical mistakes. Family tragedies involving kids come in many forms.

A very close family member of mine caught wind that a young man who was very troubled had been bullied at school. He was not a student but was allowed to take a class or some classes. She went to her counselor and reported his comment that he had a gun and might get even. The school got the police involved and the young man was banned from school. Did this save lives?  We will never know, but it was very courageous and the school did a good job of keeping her part quiet.

My culprit for the increase in mass shootings, the media. They have sensationalized every one with days of non-stop coverage. If you are an unbalanced individual with homicidal intents sitting at home watching the coverage on the Florida shooting you may be inspired to do something similar. If we let the government take our guns these same individuals have many avenues to do worse damage with different instruments.

The media today has many causes. Most are not acceptable to me. Making this country like California, which is rapidly becoming Venezuela, is their top objective. Selling me climate change when every year the statistics make it harder to support is another. Convincing me that journalists and celebrities have good judgment is unacceptable to me. But, knowing they hate guns and consider those of us who don’t ignorant hillbillies really upsets me. Trying to promote more violence by giving endless publicity to those who commit these acts is  criminal.

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Comments (6)

  1. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    There is a major climate change blog that has smog in its name that is so upset with me that they have removed my comments that refer to the fact that they are promoting socialism.
    I guess I should feel honored that they feel so worried that they have curtailed my free speech.
    I had been very careful not to ruffle their feathers, but it does look like some of their sycophants were terrified of the truth.

  2. Doug Gordon says:

    then there is this “inconvenient truth”, see link: https://www.livescience.com/61716-sun-cooling-global-warming.html

    It seems we are coming into a period of lower sun energy output, known as a “grand minimum” that could start as early as 2020, last 50 years, and be 7% lower than the one in the mid 17th century that was known as the “Little Ice Age”. Funny how the output of the sun varies, and temperatures vary, it’s almost like there is a system that have variability as part of the way it works …

    Good thing the science is all settled so when the ice age comes we’ll know why.

  3. Jim Hicks says:

    The FBI has dropped the ball for a long, long time costing Thousands of American Lives. The New Norm – Political Correctness or just a Bad Bureaucratic Work Ethic.
    I thought we allowed the Spying and Collecting of Information of American Citizens to prevent this kind of stuff! (right or wrong)
    911 could have been prevented if the FBI had done their Job!
    Instead we find the FBI spying on Trump.
    I graduated High School in 1976 – You never dreamed or thought of a classmate coming to school and killing people. We settled things with our Fists from about the first grade on, when your Dad or Mom took you into the garage and taught you how to fight after being picked on.
    (9 times out of 10 you became good friends afterwards)
    It’s a different world I reckon.
    I think somewhere, Society has lost “Respect” for one another.

  4. randrawll says:

    Ronald Gonshorowski says :, thanks for the article post.Really thank you! Great.

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