Shithole Countries

January/17/2018 10:19AM
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Did Trump really call Haiti and African Nations Shithole countries? Can’t say, wasn’t there. Do I believe Dick Durbin? No, if his lips move, he’s probably lying. He’s lied to most of us in Illinois for his entire time in the Senate. See, he’s an avowed Socialist, further left than Bernie Sanders. But, he’s never once been honest about that like old Bernie.

If Trump did make that reference I don’t see it as a racial position. Yemen is a shithole, North Korea is a bigger shithole. Venezuela near the top. Hard to find a black in any of those countries. But, they all have one key thing in common. Central government runs the show and it’s some form of Socialism, just like Haiti and those African nations.  Just like Dick Durbin wants for this country. As do the media, Hollywood, most Democrats and some of your neighbors. In Illinois we have it. Dick and his cronies have put us right there, in the official Shithole category.   The state is broke and there is no correction short of bankruptcy. Soon, sometime in the next 5 years. Just like Puerto Rico, a Socialist run Territory which is considered part of this country.

The debate where Trump is being accused of racist behavior was whether we should import poverty to this country. Trumps position is, let’s bring in immigrants who can contribute to our economy. Durbin’s is, let’s bring in more Democrat votes from shithole countries. Jeff Flake, soon to be an ex-Senator from my other state of part-time residence, comes down on Durbin’s side. Local news shows in Arizona run strong endorsements of Flake’s position. One ran that, followed by a special on the 22,000 homeless people in Arizona and how the Republican Governor isn’t dong enough for them. Irony.

More irony. Cory Booker, Senator from New Jersey, goes after Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of DHS on the Senate floor because she said she did not hear the Shithole comment by Trump. To me, Booker is a sexist and a racist because he would not have behaved that way with a black man. He has had issues with women before and more may be coming.

So, once again the central issue, do we import poor people to go on the dole or people with skills and education to contribute to our economy gets lost as the Democrats and media rats mix it with a racial slur.

I accept the position Trump has espoused for immigration and do not want my country to become like my state of Illinois or what Flake wants my adopted state of Arizona to become. Nor, do I care what Cory Booker thinks of Trump’s comments, right or wrong, because I know what his comments to Ms. Nielsen were as described above.

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