Joe Kennedy III Gives the Democratic Party State of the Union Speech

January/31/2018 10:42AM
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Timing is everything and the Democrats today have none. Trump gave a State of the Union Address for the ages. Nancy Pelosi was having a problem with her dentures. Corey Booker was possessed. Steny Hoyer needed Metamucil, and Chuck Schumer glowered.

The Democrats followed with a Kennedy. Retro is in these days. Somehow Bernie seems too retro. A senile Socialist might be too much, so why not a Kennedy.

Young Joe is not an accomplished speaker. But, viewers were not paying much attention because Joe seemed to be drooling. Check the corners of his mouth.

That, plus Joe reminded us of Opie Taylor:


But, let me give you the clincher. Hollywood, of all places, really screwed up the timing for this idea. My wife and I went to see Twelve Strong at the movies yesterday. Low and behold, the previews had this trailer.

Words fail at this time, so I will just let you digest all of this.

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