And the Democratic Candidate for President in 2020 will be……………

January/08/2018 8:53AM
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Hold it, wait, don’t scroll down.

Let me present my credentials. Or, in other words, brag a bit. This blog predicted Trump would win the nomination. And, the night of the election, went for Trump against all odds.

Let’s look at the line up for the Democrats for the next election. Hillary(ask her) if she’s not incarcerated(ask me), Biden(lot’s of groping pictures of Uncle Joe being bad), Elizabeth Warren(grrrr), Chuck Schumer(nah),  or Corey Booker(can you imagine the ladies waiting to rat on this dude?). Impressive lineup.

What voters stick behind Democrats despite their unfair treatment of them? Black voters for sure. Hispanics no doubt. Women because they seem to be more liberal. Jews, not so much since Trump took the plunge on moving the embassy.

Who best fits the profile? Name recognition, minority status, appeal to women, stage presence , etc ?

Remember, we had a minority who was never more than a community organizer but could make a great speech.

Let me introduce you to the Democratic candidate for President of the United States of America in 2020. Scroll down.



Scroll down.



Scroll down.


oprahOprah Winfrey. Don’t recognize her? It’s the “I’m running for President make over” She’s accepting her Cecil De Mille award at the Golden Globes last night. In so doing making her first campaign speech.

Just when you thought the Democrats were toast they show they have a formidable candidate who proved she can give things away better than anyone. Remember the cars she gave away? GM actually gave them away but Oprah took credit. Just like taking your tax dollars and giving them to someone and taking credit for the gift. This should be fun to watch.


Coming soon:

My book about the turn my life took after surviving a plane crash(UA 232 in Sioux City, Iowa), and my concern for the future of my country that started this blog.

book coverHow applying common sense to politics won for Trump.

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Comments (2)

  1. Bill Robertson says:

    Dozens of pictures with Oprah with Harvey Weinstein. She knew.

  2. Al Withey says:

    I like the one where she is nibbling on Harvey’s ear,so much for helping the ME TO crowd thanks Oprah

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