Trump’s Annual Performance Review

December/19/2017 9:14AM
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Those of us who ever worked in the private sector know we have a thing called accountability. Every place is somewhat different but most work like this. At this time of year you sat down with your boss and set goals for next year. Where I worked for 35 years you could have from 3-5 key quantifiable goals and they were weighted. You had a performance range from basic to outstanding.  Your actual performance was where you fell on those ranges, again weighted by the weight of each goal.

I did that for Trump:

1. Get a conservative Supreme Court Justice approved: outstanding

2. Eliminate ISIS: outstanding

3. Economic growth: basic 2%(Obama’s best for 8 years) outstanding 3% for the year 2017: actual 3% YTD with 4th quarter 4% estimate by Fed. outstanding

4. Tax reform done this week: outstanding

5. Regulations eliminated : thousands: outstanding

Overall performance: outstanding

Rocket man, shut him up, exposed Obama’s lousy deal on Iran nuclear treaty( Obama even let them import cocaine into our inner cities to get the deal), got the UN deadbeats to pay up, got us out of the Global Warming Pact, which was sending our money to other countries for zilch( see the Obama Iran deal, same guy, same bad deal), border crossings  down, got the OK to stop immigration of bad dudes from nasty countries, and shut down the snowflakes.

Democrats performance for 2017: Russia, Russia, Russia: unsatisfactory: disciplinary action; warning letter, 60 days to do something or termination.

Media performance: Fake news, fake news, fake news: unsatisfactory: Replacement recommended.

Obama’s performance for 8 years:



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