Sexual Harassment Claims: Remember Gary Dodson?

December/17/2017 9:11AM
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cathleen Webb

As thousands come forth claiming various forms of harassment ranging from touching to rape, it’s good to go back and remember one of the most nefarious rape claims in history. Cathleen Crowell picked Gary Dodson from at mug book when she was 16 and clamed she was raped on her way home from a fast-food job. Dodson was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Cathleen confided to her minister seven years later that she invented the rape. She told him she had sex with her boyfriend ,who was not Dodson, and was afraid she would become pregnant then recanted her story. Cook Country prosecutors ignored the recantation to avoid embarrassment.  See, when you are innocent, you really are not even if the victim says you are. Then a Prisoner Review Board held a hearing and voted unanimously to deny clemency and announced that his trial  had been fair. The compromise, let him out with time served but keep the guilty charge.

The court of pubic opinion put him in jail and now was trying to get him out. The same media that put him away was now screaming to let him out.

He was released for time served and DNA testing showed he was innocent in 1989, 12 years later. Cathleen Crowell Webb, her married name was so guilty she gave him $17,500 from an advance she received from a publisher to tell her story. They had a famous hug on the Today show in 1985.

So, as all these accusers line up to take down politicians, celebrities, and business executives remember poor Gary Dodson.  And keep in mind Lisa Bloom, a legal powerhouse like Gloria Allred, is reportedly working with Democratic  campaign donors to arrange compensation for alleged victims offering to sell their stories about issues with Trump.

Cathleen Crowell Webb destroyed the life of Gary Dodson. He eloped to Vegas  with a girlfriend to get married, started drinking and was sent back to prison for violating the conditions of his parole before the DNA cleared him.

We are all very  willing to accept any  accusations if it’s against someone we don’t like. The media is the most evil enterprise in this country. They will go after any conservative and ignore most liberals like Dustin Hoffman. Trial by media is dangerous. Trial by prosecutors who curry favor with the media is just as bad.

Caution, please.

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Comments (2)

  1. Jim Hicks says:

    Like you said previously – It is a Slippery Slope.
    Thanks God, the Gal got a conscious.
    It’s about Money – 90% of what’s going on here lately.
    I’ve seen Bad behavior on both sides, Men & Women in my life.
    I think people get there feeling’s hurt to easy – “Just Say No”.
    Seems to me I was taught that 60s & 70s by my parents.

  2. Jim Hicks says:

    RE: Slippery Slope
    There are a lot of issues out there and Overzealous DA’s still to this day and of course, the media to get the story out First Without Facts.

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