Democratic Party Fantasy World

December/27/2017 16:48PM
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First it was the Russians. The Russians stole the election from Hillary Clinton. We are over a year into that myth and the meter runs on Mueller’s investigation and no one pays attention.

Then it was the” me too” movement. The Democrats tried to bring back the pre-election issue after Stuart Smalley (Al Franken) hit the news. It worked with Roy Moore and they thought it might work with Trump. It didn’t.

Then it was “tax reform is for the rich only”. We’ll see how that works when 80% of the public get pay raises in 2018.

Now, the latest. Democrats and the media clowns who support any fiction the Democrats are perpetrating now are selling the idea that the Republicans will lose both houses of Congress in the midterm elections. Let’s examine that in more detail. The Democrats say the elections in Virginia and Alabama show the voters want a change. They use that and the typical spurious polls to support that fantasy. Here are my facts. Follow the money, not the polls or the press.

National Republicans have raised upwards of $70 million more than national Democrats since Election Day — a $129 million vs. $58 million advantage — much wider than their advantage after George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004 and, obviously, leagues ahead of their advantage after losing the White House in 2008 and 2012.
National Republicans have more than $40 million more in the bank than the Democratic National Committee, ballooning from only a $10 million advantage immediately after the presidential election. Democrats now have just $5 million in the bank with $3 million in loans.
So, the Democrats are now in a deficit situation. While the Republican money machine rolls along.
Just as the Democrats ,and their lap dog media pimps who attack Trump daily and never, never point out the good things that are happening, delude each other that things are breaking their way, they are wrong. We saw this before the last election and we will see it again after the November 2018 results are in. The radicalized Democratic Party with their weak leaders and zero platform can’t win with Trump making life better for most Americans. It’s a fantasy world that seems to protect them from the harsh realities of Trump’s success.
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