A New Dawn for America

December/21/2017 7:47AM
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I didn’t win the lottery but I feel like I did today. I started this blog 8 years ago because I felt the country was headed in the wrong direction. Today, we made a U-turn. Away from Socialism and the destructive politics of Barack Obama taking us to Venezuela and back toward Capitalism and the country we were before we took the wrong turn.

For days we can clearly see who objects to this new direction. First, and foremost, the media in the  country. Populated by those who loved Obama and his politics they are distraught and willing to say anything to put us back on the wrong road again. Of course, the Democrats who need to rebrand to Socialists led by the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Poster children for politicians like Obama who have never accomplished anything real in life. The world of academia populated by those who have destroyed the futures of generations with their greedy waste running up student loans financed by Obama. Corrections are due there as well as that party tab has reached over $1 trillion in loans. More than the housing bubble.

The objectors can only sing from one hymnal. It benefits the rich and will add a trillion to the debt. The eight trillion added by Obama did nothing but they were all happy to ignore that.

IMG_2169Common sense is returning to my country. That’s all Trump is doing to make things work again. That and tolerating the ways of Washington. See, unlike Obama, Warren, and Sanders this leader has spent his life getting big things done. But, now he slogs through the swamp of Washington D.C. and his patience is stretched to the limit as he sees the wrongs of our system.

The list of good things coming out of the tax bill is piling up by the minute. It started with ATT announcing they would give 200,000 employees each a $1,000 bonus. Media answer was they are outsourcing work in Puerto Rico, a sterling example of Socialism Obama style.

The beat goes on. The media spin this as a bad idea, the Democrats scream “it’s for the rich”, colleges add waste and raise tuition” , Hollywood pauses from sexual debauchery to give inane comments by morons, and Trump moves on to new challenges.

I feel like a partner in all of this. If you go back and scan these blogs from the outset, this is what I’ve been praying would happen. My tax bill will go up. I prepaid next years property taxes yesterday to mitigate that. You might want to do the same. But, this is not about me, it’s about my grandkids. They have a much brighter future ahead as this nation heads down this bright path.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    I won a lottery of sorts just over 50 years ago.
    I survived my tour in Vietnam.
    But now being over 70 years old and a disabled veteran I have two options that are open to me.
    I get to defer my taxes by be Over 70 or a disabled veteran.
    I will take at least one of these options.
    Thank for putting out a great newsletter without the spin that others are replete with.

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