Virginia Election Impact

November/10/2017 8:40AM
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Nothing is better than having the mainstream media showing Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi spiking the ball over this election. Here’s what it means:


Democrats keep pushing an agenda that doesn’t work.

1.Import terrorists

2. Import illegals from the south to vote democratic

3. Give the 12 million already here citizenship.

4. Don’t pass tax reform. Try to keep it from passing by using one line “it lowers taxes for the rich”. It’s a lie, but keep pushing it.

5. Keep attacking Wall Street: millions are seeing big changes in their 401K’s and loving it.($5.4 trillion since last year and counting)

6. Assuming the media is doing the job for them. They assumed that one year ago.

7. Keep attacking Trump and all he does. The Chinese rolled out the red carpet after leaving Obama stew on the tarmac on his last visit. Then some third-level official showed up to offload him .

8. Keep thinking Mueller will find enough to hurt Trump

9. Believe the useless do-nothing Republicans will help them. It won’t work. This will just get the Republicans replaced witha better Republicans not  Democrats

10. Keep bringing up the Paris Climate issue( Jerry Brown). The average American can see a con and this was a con with the US being the mark.

11. Let the perverts in Hollywood speak for you.

12. Keep supporting the NFL kneelers.

13. Keep supporting Obamacare. It’s broke and your voters trying to get health insurance know it.

14. Keep supporting single payer as a replacement for this train wreck. Voters see the VA and how well government runs that.

15. Keep Hillary front and center as your party leader

16. Stay the Godless party and let the ACLU do that work for you.

17. Keep fighting election fraud change. Use the “minorities can’t get ID’s ” line. Voters get it.

18. Use gun control for every sad shooting tragedy. Trust in government is lower than trust in the media. Sure we want Hillary to have all the guns.


Here’s the bottom line. As a wise person once said, “one robin doesn’t make a spring” and one victory in Virginia doesn’t mean a trend. Six of the wealthiest counties in the US are within 50 miles of D.C. and that wealth depends on big government. It’s become blue and will stay blue like California. But, Trump is making lives better for Americans across the land. They will take that to the polls. Plus, the move to replace Republican candidates who don’t support Trump is afoot and will succeed. Can’t you say “Jeff Flake”?

The mid terms will be just fine for the Republicans thanks to the Democrats. Spike it then Nancy and Chuckie.

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Comments (2)

  1. Charlotte says:

    SPOT ON!! Very good analysis.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Left out Sanctuary Cities. This will backfire for sure.

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