Sleazy Politicians

November/21/2017 10:40AM
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Thank you Judge Roy Moore. I don’t know it you did what your accusers say you did or not, but the country owes you a favor. You may go down in history as a true American hero. Because of your situation and morons like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and John McCain, men who can judge others by innuendo , the tabloid mainstream media, and the leaderless Democrats, you let the genie out of the bottle.

Today’s headline story in USA Today: “100 people in 20 states accuse 40 politicians of sexual harassment”.

Charlie Rose goes down, no pun intended. Charlie Rangel has been flying in girlfriends for trysts on the taxpayer dime. Another accuser about Al Franken.

It’s a tsunami folks. These politicians have been operating like an unruly frat house from day one. The majority of male politicians from D.C. to Podunk are not sleeping well these days waiting for the other shoe to drop. My guess, well over 50% are vulnerable.

This will clean out the swamp for Trump. Politicians and media hot shots and Hollywood titans will all go down.

It’s a beautiful thing and long overdue. You could not assemble a unglier line up of men than Charlie Rose, Charles Rangel, Harvey Weinstein, and Al Frankenstein. Men who used power to abuse women.

I’m writing this from beautiful Siesta Key, Florida in contrast to Washington DC, the hooker capital of the world. Why, guess? That’s where the demand is and we taxpayers foot the bill. Like the fund set up to protect the sleaze balls when they get caught. Charge it all back to the perps and publish the names.

Thanks Judge Moore. Without you the slime in the swamp would exist forever.

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Comments (2)

  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    I thought you were on vacation but here you are working writing your blog. All of us that read it every week are glad you did. You and your family have a great Thanksgiving and thanks again for keeping this blog going.

  2. Doug Gordon says:

    I’m not as optimistic as you are. There will be a hew and cry for a while, there will be sacrificial politicians given up to seal the scandal behind fire walls, then in a short while it will be business as usual. All those hookers gotta work, too.

    As far as the #MeToo movement, doesn’t really take that much intestinal fortitude to climb on a band wagon when dozens of others have already gone before you. Why didn’t they speak out at the time? Well there was Hiliary Clinton and her “bimbo eruption” control process that cowed the accusers perhaps. For me, if it’s right it’s right, if it’s wrong it’s wrong and you have to stand up for what’s right, but that’s just me. It’s called having the courage of your convictions. Seeems to be severely lacking in society lately.

    I still say we should tax the political contributions to the campaigns to the sleazeball politicians that benefit from the money. Considering that they pocket their final pile of money when they “retire”, seems like income all along to me. that’s a tax reform I could get behind. Not that any politician will EVER put that in a bill and vote yes on it. Time for legislation by national referendum.

    Or maybe I’m just cranky.

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