Republican Party Leadership Must Change

November/13/2017 16:41PM
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Let me begin with the two Republican Party candidates before Trump. McCain and Romney. We now know for sure McCain is a Democrat who ran as a Republican his entire political career. He was just quoted as saying “I like the Democratic Party”.  Romney may be a little right of McCain, but still very left for a Republican. We just saw examples of both. In the Alabama senate election involving the Judge Moore issues, they and Mitch McConnell were the first to suggest Moore withdraw. What does  that mean? It sure isn’t good news for repeal of Obamacare or for tax reform. Romney, as a senator from Utah ,would vote like Susan Collins and despise Trump as much as McCain. Now we know what Steve Bannon is doing to deal with these issues on the sidelines.

The Republican leadership and the members of Congress are as corrupt and useless as the Democrats. No change will occur until the voters take them out. Trump ran a business with very qualified people at every level. Now  he’s saddled with incompetent clowns who barely work 20 weeks a year. Can you imagine the frustration?

Let’s just focus on a seemingly small issue. Looking back the Republican Party has been missing a lot of opportunities for a very long time. How the party of business and money  lost the news media is a real dilemma. Not just some of it, but all of it. Now, along comes an opportunity to gain some back and what happens? Just like with the repeal of Obamacare and tax reform, nothing.

Hunt Valley , Md. based Sinclair broadcasting group , the largest U.S. broadcaster with 191 stations is seeking regulatory approval to buy Tribune Media and it’s 42 stations. But, states attorneys general in four states-Illionois, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island oppose the merger would have too much power and would stifle points of view in local markets. Notice anything about these 4 states,  blue to the core. They say Sinclair might force local stations to provide favorable coverage to Republican Donald Trump. How’s that for hypocrisy? A broadcasting organization with a fair and even more conservative slant comes along and the FCC dilly- dallies to get it approved and up and running. Did we give these morons the House and the Senate so they could keep Obama’s bureaucrats running everything while they just watch? Does Trump have to do this himself? Grab the head of the FCC by the throat and say get this done, and done now? How long would it have taken for the Obama administration to shut down Fox News?

Those of us in the states impacted by this merger can’t wait. But, we do and every day that goes by we get how bad it is in DC. McConnell is toxic, He came out right away against Judge Moore based on 40 year-old hearsay by a questionable source. Does  he want to lose the Republican majority in the Senate? Just to get Trump off his ass for not doing anything except line his pockets?

We need to make sure we stay with Trump but get rid of every useless Republican in the House and Senate.

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