Vegas Shooting

October/09/2017 21:47PM
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HL MeinkenA deranged person planned a cruel and murderous act for reasons we may never know. Politicians and the media first blame the guns. It’s an easy answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.

In the short history of our country politicians  have strived to change human behavior.

prohibiitionprohibition-5How did this work out? The criminals had the booze and the cops tried unsuccessfully to keep them from profiting from the new law. People wanted to drink and drink they did.

Or this:

brothelIllegal prostitution. Those who want to pay for sex will find a way to procure their needs.

Pot. For the most part the country has given up on this. Gambling. Casinos everywhere. Illegal prescription drugs. Stop that and street drugs and overdoses and crime goes up.

There is a section in our Constitution that mandates that we have the right to bear arms. The public does not trust our government to disarm us and there will never be a change to that part of the Constitution.

Those who believe gun control can fix these problems don’t need to go to Disneyland they live in Disneyland. Gullible, naïve people who buy the baloney the politicians peddle. Hollywood types who produce violent movies that may do more to perpetuate mass shootings than gun control would stop. Sell violence on the one hand and preach against guns on the other. A little like Harvey Weinstein trying to convince us that he attracted women with his good looks.


Liberal thinking is amazing. Harvey was outed by a flaming liberal, Ashley Judd, finally telling the world what most of the world knew, fellow flaming liberal Harvey needed to join the ranks of Bill Cosby , David Letterman, and Bill Clinton as serial harassers.  But, the flaming liberal media puts a lid on the Weinstein story. Where and when will the flaming liberal woman’s rights groups march against Harvey and be covered b the flaming liberal media? Never. All are too busy telling us that gun control will end mass shootings.

Believe if you choose, but I choose to believe there are more wackos who want to go out in headlines and  the media has proven they will make sure that happens.

Hollywood has been populated by men like Harvey from day one and they have gotten away with it. The same Hollywood that will lecture us about gun control and tell us who should be elected to any public office.

harvey and meyrlharvey and hillalry


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  1. Jim Hicks says:

    I want to elaborate but, I could type for two days.
    Hollywood & Political Correctness.
    Glad to see you back!

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Vegas Shooting…. If Hollywood thinks gun control is the answer –why not cut off Harvey’s pecker?

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