Trump’s Tax Reform

October/04/2017 5:11AM
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Here is the recap of the tax reform Trump is proposing:

Here are the challenges:

Rand Paul. Just have Rand write what he wants and adopt that since he has never endorsed anything another human has proposed. He’s not just the smartest man in the room, he’s the smartest on the planet earth and maybe the cosmos.

John McCain: John won’t read anything or understand a word but he will not agree and use the same objections. Needs to be scored by CBO, needs more Democratic buy in, etc. Translation; I hate Trump and that’s all that counts.

Mitch McConnell; we need to take our time. Trump doesn’t understand how things work here. We’ll get something put together in 2018 when the Democrats have the majority.

Paul Ryan: I’m going to be running for president and I want to pass this after I’m elected because I know it will work.

Democrats: it’s a plan for the wealthy.

Media: it’s a plan for the wealthy. It’s designed for Trump to benefit because he really needs the money.

Will it pass. Maybe, but maybe not. See, the morons we sent to Congress as Republicans, especially those above, are either Democrats, thieves, too ambitious, or just morons.

The GDP was up 3.2% last quarter. Under this plan it would likely be well over 4% and maybe higher. The corporate tax reduction and the small business help alone would drive it that high.

If Republicans were smart they would get behind this and sail it through.

Sadly, it won’t happen that way.

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