Trump and the Media

October/17/2017 7:13AM
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The media played a huge role in getting Obama elected both times. How does a community organizer who never really accomplished anything relevant become president of the United States? Twice.

media helps obama win election For eight long years Obama could do no wrong in the eyes of that media.

obama get a dogIt was the most loyal of dogs always faithful to its owner.

dog humping obama

Now comes President Trump. The media hates Trump. Whereas there was never anything but praise for Obama, regardless of the outcome of his leadership, there is never anything but criticism for Trump, regardless of outcomes. There is an all out war between what was once called a free press in this country and the man 62 million of us voted for. Today, most of the 62 million despise that media because we have quickly grown weary of the incessant criticism of everything Trump. Like erosion it is intended to gradually wear away the loyalty of the 62 million of us who endorse what the President is doing.

How unfair is all of this? Just as unfair as millionaire athletes taking knees for the National Anthem. Basically telling us they don’t like white people and cops and strongly suggesting we should stop watching them play.


As unfair as Hollywood using award ceremonies to lecture us on how to vote. Then foisting this abomination on us and having NBC try to hide his transgressions.


harvey and meyrl

As unfair as this:

As unfair as “someone” deciding what statues should be removed or what books remain in schools, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, goes.

Mostly, just trying to decide what’s best for our country based on their politics which coincide with the degenerates in Hollywood.

Is there any good news in all of this? Try as I might, this is what I did find.  The baseless morons keep Hillary Clinton front and center. As she demonstrates her idiocy and stumbles and falls and breaks a toe, she is what that dog is humping and can’t stop humping.

She has become the symbol of a lost Democratic Party with no leaders and no platform. This should allow Trump and his achievement of positive results to build on and grow that 62 million voter base despite the media.

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