Clinton Uranium Scandal

October/27/2017 9:24AM
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If the Uranium 10 story is true it’s a traitorous act of the highest magnitude. It’s inconceivable to even think that an ex-president and his Secretary of State wife would sell uranium to a rogue nation simply to add money to their substantial wealth. After all, Russia may well be selling that uranium to North Korea or Iran. Here is a timeline. You be the judge.

August 2005: Canadian mining executive Frank Giustra sends an engineer to Kazakhstan to assess their uranium mines. (NYT 1/31/08)

Sept. 6, 2005. Frank Giustra flies Bill Clinton to Kazakhstan on his private jet. (NYT 1/31/08)

2006: Frank Giustra donates $31.3 million to the Clinton Foundation

September 2006: Giustra co-produces a gala for Bill’s 60th birthday which raises $21 million for Clinton Foundation

February 2007. KazatomProm CEO Moukhtar Dzhakishev travels to meet with Bill Clinton in his home for a meeting arranged by Frank Giustra.

2007: Ian Telfer donates $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation

2007: Frank Giustra sells his stake in the Uranium One merger for $45 million

April 2007: Uranium One starts buying uranium mines in Utah, Wyoming, and Texas.

May 2009 Moukhtar Dzhakishev is arrested for illegally selling uranium deposits to foreign companies

June 2009: Rosatom, the Russian Federation state corporation that oversees nuclear energy seeks to buy into Uranium One.

June 2009: ARMZ, a subsidiary of Rosatom completed a deal for 17% of Uranium One.

2009: Uranium One’s Ian Telfer donates $1 million to the Clinton Foundation.

June 2010: Bill Clinton gives a speech in Moscow for $500,000

October 2010: The committee on Foreign Investment in the USA approves the partial sale of Uranium One to Rosatom which gives the Russian a 51% controlling state in Uranium One. With this, Rosatom controls 20% of U.S. uranium production. Members of the committee were: Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, and Eric Holder.

2011: Telfer donates $600,000 to the Clinton Foundation

2012: Telfer donates $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation

2009-2012: Between $1.3 million and $5.6 million were made to the Clinton Foundatin by people with ties to Uranium One or URAsis, a company that originally acquired Uranium One’s most valuable asset, the Kazakh mines.

The only question I have is how much did Obama get and how was that delivered.

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  1. Jim Hicks says:

    I wonder who is really Pulling the Strings? Globalist Elites? UN?
    A lot of the DC Swamp is getting rich from selling out America!
    Thank God we have folks in office now who Love the United States of America, Donald Trump, John Kelly and James Mattis.
    Thank God for the Second Amendment and all Americans who Understand Why our Founding Fathers gave us that right.
    Hopefully America “Wakes Up”!
    Hopefully all the Traitors are caught and Prosecuted.

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