A President Can’t Call the Family Offering Condolences for Fallen Soldiers

October/19/2017 19:00PM
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President Trump called a grieving widow to offer his condolences regarding her husband who was killed in an ambush.

Like so much in our world today, this practice will probably end with this call.

Comics don’t do comedy today they give us their political perspective and generally it lacks humor.  Jimmy Kimmel, who I never thought was funny, says he prefers Republicans not watch his show. Chelsea Handler who wrote a book describing her drunken, drug fused orgies had her show cancelled and will now advocate for her politics.

The movies will never be the same after Harvey Weinstein. Hollywood must be terrified that Harvey will out them all. Will this stop them from preaching their politics? Probably not.


The NFL announced they prefer their employees stand for the National Anthem, but they have no recourse if they choose not to stand. Like Kimmel, those players have a message. We hate white people and cops and prefer you not watch us perform. Millions of us got the message and there will be another NFL meeting because the one this week was flawed. If you go to a restaurant and the waitress says: ‘I heard you talking and know you are a Trump supporter, so I spit in your food”, do you leave and never come back? Does she keep her job if the owner finds out what she’s doing?

Back to the original thought.

A brave soldier was killed in the line of duty. There is a process whereby the President is notified of these sacrifices. Upon notification the President called the widow to offer his condolences. Supposedly,  the widow was riding in a car with a Congresswoman, Ms. Fredrica Wilson, and received the call on Bluetooth with speaker phone.

fredrica wilson

Ms. Wilson has called for the impeachment of President Trump on numerous occasions. She is known for her outrageous outfits as you can see. Also, for equally outrageous rhetoric.  This when Trump fired Comey.

“I see bombshells dropping everywhere. And from what I understand and what I have read and seen, our president needs to take an 8th grade civics course because he doesn’t understand government,” said Rep. Frederica Wilson. “You cannot obstruct justice. You cannot threaten people.”

Wilson said she hopes Comey will “spill his gut” so that we can learn “about Russia’s tie to our election and the president’s ties to Russia.”

Ms. Wilson relays her perspective on the phone call to a media and it becomes a national story. The media are careful. They report it as Ms. Wilson’s version of the call. But, conveniently omit that Ms. Wilson has a reputation of hating the President and not always adhering to the truth.

So, can a president make these phone calls now? Once politicized can they ever be a sincere concern and thanks from a president representing a grateful nation for a military person’s greatest sacrifice?

Probably not, thanks to Ms. Wilson and a hateful media .

 Today, Trump’s Chief of Staff, held a press conference to give his perspective on this. General Kelly lost a son in combat. He is the most direct and entertaining speaker I have enjoyed since Reagan. He called Congresswoman Wilson an empty barrel saying an empty barrel makes them most noise. He speaks as a man who advised the President not to make the calls to the 4 men’s families but if he wanted to do that, how to do it from a soldier’s perspective. Trump followed his advice and the empty barrel didn’t approve. Here’s how I see all of this. Trump, Kelly, and Sarah represent the 62 million who voted for Trump.   Congresswoman Wilson and the media represent the Democratic Party and the knelling NFL players. The media believes this will hurt Trump. Sorry, did the NFL issue hurt him? The idiocy of all this is the enemies are helping the President, not hurting.


A new report from Fox News shows that Rep Wilson’s voting record for vets is less than stellar- she has voted against continuing veteran benefits, including payments to widows, the majority of the time. She has also opposed bills that would have improved VA services.

That’s right, people. The woman who said she is “committed to honoring our service members, not only with words but with deeds” opposed a BIPARTISAN bill, signed into law by Obama, that would provide funding to the VA and military until the government shut down.

Welp, there you have it folks, another Democrat of words and not needs. I’m sure she’d hate to see this on every person’s newsfeed, so SPREAD IT LIKE WILDFIRE!


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