Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria

September/29/2017 21:05PM
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This was the blog entry from 9/12/17. Somehow the good people of Florida and the Trump people worked wonders and kept the worst from happening.

It’s begun. The public outrage over the carnage the hurricane has left behind. It’s inevitable. With 25% of the homes in the Keys destroyed and 85% suffering some damage. With 3 million without power, no gasoline, no food and the shelters overflowing. With people unable to return to their houses to survey the damage.  And, when they get there to find the house inhabitable. Anger is building and the anger will be directed to the government.

When government assumes responsibility for taking care of everything in a disaster like this, it gets what it deserves. An impossible task that results in an angry public. Over the next few days that anger will be whipped into a frenzy by a media that wants to use this to crucify Trump and the Republicans. The Democrats will join their erstwhile partners and play little Willie(we could have done better) and throw rocks from the sidelines. The Republicans will blame each other.

See, we have all become entitled and dependent. When we are beset by a natural disaster it becomes the job of government to set it right and do it for me first. I expect no inconvenience. It’s obvious with the early newscasts what’s coming. Sure, someone needed to check the bridges to the Keys, but to take a day to do that while I have to wait to drive down there is unfair. Do it faster. When I get there and find my place is destroyed I want a new house. Now. I want food, clothes, and gas for my car. I want it now. I want it first.

This is going to be ugly. Beginning today and getting worse as the days progress. There is no way to avoid it just as there was no way to avoid Irma.

The days and weeks to come will show just how close we are coming to Socialism. There is such heavy dependence on government to make everything right and so much blame when the impossible isn’t possible. it will be a nightmare.

But, the good people of Florida didn’t let it happen.

Not the case in Puerto Rico. The media have seized on this and are working hard to make it Trump’s Katrina. They run stories that are incorrect, interview two people, and distort everything. Somehow they want the public to accept that an island of 3 million people can be rebuilt in two weeks. Asinine ignorance. Not the peddlers of stupidity, but the buyers. For those in the American public who believe an island can be resupplied with food, water, and shelter when the island itself has been totally decimated speaks volumes for the naivety of the public.

Day after day the media will hammer away at Puerto Rico and try their very best to convince the public that Bernie, who was a failed carpenter after college, since he had no skills and failed in the job, could do better than a man who built assets all over the world.

Remember Ray Nagin , the mayor of New Orleans during Katrina? Old Ray is in prison but the San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz has taken Ray’s script and is running with it. It goes like this. I should be getting a lot of things done but I’m not because I’m incompetent. So, I deflect like Ray did. Point fingers at Trump and D.C. and get my ass off the hook. Get before the cameras every hour of every day and yell and scream. I can do that because the cameras are supporting me and want Trump crucified over this.

The mayor of Puerto Rico’s capital San Juan has hit back at the Trump administration’s description of hurricane relief efforts as a “good news” story, calling it “a ‘people are dying’ story” as millions wait for aid.

Reacting with shock and anger to remarks by Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Elaine Duke, Carmen Yulin Cruz said: “Damn it, this is not a good news story”.

Residents have expressed their frustration that help is yet to reach many areas, and Ms Yulin Cruz was quick to point out the hardships people are facing.

“I’m sorry, but that really upsets me and frustrates me”

Late on Thursday, Ms Duke said: “This is a good news story, what’s happening in Puerto Rico, in terms of ability to reach people and the limited number of deaths that have occurred in such a devastating storm.”

Ms Duke added that she is “very satisfied, I know it is a hard storm to recover from but the amount of progress that’s been made – and I would really appreciate any support that we can get.”

See, I had it right in the first blog , I just had the wrong hurricane and the wrong geography.

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