Graham Cassidy Health Care Proposal

September/23/2017 7:31AM
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gay boys So, John McCain is going to deep six this best friend in the Senate’s signature bill. Let’s see, a man who is receiving a Cadillac health care plan for his brain tumor, paid for by taxpayers,  is going to once again stop an effort to repeal Obamacare. He was elected with a campaign promise to repeal Obamacare. His state of Arizona is suffering worse than any other state from premium increases and no insurers.  But, his hatred of Trump is the overriding concern for him. Let’s look at the bill:

So, I am a resident of Illinois and can switch to Arizona with 3 more weeks in my Arizona home. Graham-Cassidy sends the money to the states to handle healthcare. Illinois is bankrupt and can hardly be trusted to use the money for healthcare. The state is broke because they are too generous with pensions and benefits for public employees. Arizona was broke under Janet Napolitano but has recovered under the past two Republican governors. But, it’s the home of not just McCain, but the other turncoat Senator, Jeff Flake, who wrote an anti-Trump book.

Here’s the choices. Let the McCain torpedo(he does know something about this since he caused a rocket to go off on an aircraft carrier that killed 115 fellow sailors) stand, and watch as the Democrats go to single payer like the VA mess that McCain ignored in Phoenix. See Republicans convince someone to replace McCain’s vote lost and ship heath care out to the states. Then it’s who do you trust most, the Feds or the state politicians. In most cases it would be the states, but not in Illinois.

What a mess.

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