Why is Congress Useless?

August/01/2017 15:10PM
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It’s not a complex question. Let’s look at the latest failure, the Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare. McCain killed any chances. Why? Not for any logical reason, he just hates Trump and has a terminal illness and is done. So he vents his hatred despite his numerous promises to voters to kill Obamacare. Rand Paul disagrees with every proposal. Why? He fancies himself president one day and want to be on camera. Let’s look at the priorities of these people elected to high office and see if we can ferret out the problems. Here they are in priority order and totally the same regardless of political party.

1. Get rich. If they enter poor they leave rich and if they enter wealthy they leave stinking rich.

2. Get reelected. That’s right, day one of office they are working on the next election. This takes us to #3(below).

3. Fund raise. To accomplish 2(above) one must do this. He/She with the biggest war chest wins the next election.

4. Campaign. On way to get money is to campaign. For members of the House who must run every 2 years the campaign season never stops.

5. Get promoted. Representative covet the senate, senators the presidency, or at least a cabinet spot or ambassadorship, anything that’s a step up the ladder.

6. Get free exposure. Look at McCain and Lindsay Graham. By opposing Trump the liberal media goes to them daily. They put that above any pure motive for being for or against a position the president takes.

7. Hook up with powerful lobbyists. This is the route to riches. Insiders who have been in DC for years steer them to the right ones and the right ones to them. Get really tight with these people  and , God forbid, you lose, you have your next job.

8. Get the perks right. One must learn from those who went before how to max out everything from free haircuts, to high-end office furniture, to staffing, and  to air travel, etc.  All the trappings of office we provide to low-level employees, which is what hey are.

9. See the world. Find the junkets that take you and your spouse to the places most people go when they retire. Why wait it’s free and you get the red carpet treatment everywhere you go.

10. Pull strings for the family. Got a kid that is dumber than a stump and wants to go to Harvard? You can make it happen.

11. Fulfill the promises you made to those who financed your campaign. Get that pork handled.

12. Figure out how to afford DC housing. Check with those lobbyists, friends back home, etc. Do this right and you won’t spend much.

13. Figure out your calendar. What are you going to do with the 240 days you don’t work.

14. Pick out someone in your office who will answer calls from constituents and write form letters to the dumb asses who write in wanting your position on issues. Do this right and you will never have to touch any of this menial crap.

15. Now you are ready to act like you are working. Probably a good idea to sponsor a bill or two. Nothing big that requires a lot of work by your staff and may create risk. Chances are you are a lawyer who couldn’t make it in the real world so keep those oratory skills honed . Get on committees that are on TV a lot.  Pay attention to the polls the consultants you spent a few million to hire run and stick to the script. walk in parades back home and hold a few town hall meetings where you stack the audience. Pinch yourself, you are a real member of the US Congress and there are no objectives and zero accountability. If you follow 1-14 above and don’t get a bigger job you can retire at age 80 because there is no real work to do and the work year is almost a retirement year. Where else can you get you ass kissed daily  and only you and your family know you couldn’t hold a real job. ( see Joe Biden).

Now do you see why Trump is a threat? Can you see the swamp? Trump is already rich, has all the perks and trappings and is only there because he wants to do the right thing for this country. These clowns  will never see a bigger threat to their very existence. Who knows, other competent people might start running for office for the right reasons and this little party could be gone forever.

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