Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe

August/26/2017 7:23AM
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President Trump and Sheriff Joe have a lot in common. Over the years this blog has been a strong supporter of Joe Arpaio. Here are some examples(below). During his 20 years in office the sheriff did the will of the people. They wanted law and order and someone to keep them safe. He did just that. And, did it in a cost-effective manner.

The liberal media hated Joe with a passion I have not seen until Trump. It was unreal. I spent the last 20 winters in Arizona and witnessed it first hand. Every night the three local network news stations had one or more anti-Joe news stories. Every day the liberal rag, the Arizona Republic did the same.

When Obama was elected he went after Joe with a vengeance. After all Joe wanted a secure border and knew how many crimes were committed in Maricopa County by illegals and wanted to keep them our or send them back. So did the majority of voters who ignored the media blitz and the undue attention from the President of the United States who was importing voters through Arizona. The vicious crimes and drugs were collateral damage.

Joe didn’t lose the election because of the media or the Obama legal actions. Joe just got old and the voters saw that and like all of us at age 80 felt he needed to retire. The crimes he was pardoned for, misdemeanors for perjury by a liberal judge who supposedly could prove Joe was having his people do racial profiling but denying it.

There is one person in Arizona who knows better than me that this pardon was not a mistake by Trump. That’s senator Jeff Flake. A public critic of Trump and a do nothing senator like the rest. Polls show he is trailing his Republican candidate in the upcoming primaries by double digits and that margin will increase with this pardon. The good people in Arizona respect the job Joe did and appreciate the bogus vengeance charges put on him by Obama. Obama didn’t import enough illegals and Californians to overwhelm the Republicans in the state of Barry Goldwater.

Eric Holder vs. Sheriff Joe–and the Winner Is…

September/04/2012 16:39PM






Federal authorities announced Friday that thy’re closing their abuse-of-power investigation into Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona without filing charges against him.

No surprise it was like Prince Harry challenging Ryan Lochte to a swimming race during his drunken spree in Las Vegas.

It does show how close we are coming to being a police state. If you disagree with the president he sues you and you get to spend thousands defending yourself. When it’s apparent you will win they quietly go away.

And the lap dog media that made such a big deal when the charges were brought are silent when they are dropped.


April/18/2012 16:25PM

The Feds have been after Sheriff Joe for years. Since Obama became president they have been relentless. Sheriff Joe is the sheriff of Maricopa Country Arizona, which includes most of the population of the state. Joe is well-known because of his tent city, his pink underwear, and his tough approach to illegal visitors from other countries. He is tough on crime, and has been reelected by sound majorities because he does the will of the people, not the will of the media and special interests. He doesn’t use polls to make decisions, he uses common sense.

The DOJ is suing Joe for profiling. They tried to reach an agreement, but the DOJ insisted they have a “monitor” in Joe’s office. How would you like to go to work every day and have some geek from the DOJ looking over your shoulder every day. Joe said no, and it’s going to court.

It’s an election year and the media wants Joe gone. There’s a negative Joe story every night on all the local channels. Interspersed with a story like this. “Gunmen opened fire on a pickup truck loaded with immigrants who officials suspect are in the country illegally. Two of the migrants were killed.”There were 20-30 migrants in the truck. In the past gangs known as bajadores, or rip-off crews, have ambushed groups of illegal immigrants to hold them for ransom.”

Are you seeing news stories like this in NYC, Chicago, or Atlanta? How does the media come off suspecting they were here illegally?(isn’t that profiling?) How do you get 20-30 people in a pick-up truck?  If a new industry has grown up, one that captures  someone’s illegals being brought in for money, to hold them for ransom, is there a problem here?

Who works on the problem? Not President Obama, who sees 20-30 new Obama voters coming across the border. Not Janet Napolitano who had her chance when she was governor of Arizona. Just Sheriff Joe.

Who is tired of the problem. About 70% of Arizona citizens. Who will vote for Sheriff Joe this November? Those 70%.

How many politicians in this country thumb their nose at the media? The media believes they call the shots. If they pander for a candidate, like Obama, that candidate gets elected. When the media dropped Hillary for Barack, Barack got the nod. How many candidates ignore special interest groups? The Keystone Pipeline would be shipping oil to Texas refineries if Obama did.

Bring it Arizona media. Joe will get reelected. Joe will win the lawsuit with the DOJ. All you accomplish with the attacks is to show a majority of Arizona viewers that you are incapable of independent journalism and in the tank for the progressive cause.


March/03/2012 16:35PM

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My wife and I are animal lovers. We donate money to various animal causes every year. We stopped donating to National Humane Society when we found they only give 2% to the animals. We have never given to PETA, since we believe they are a radical group, like most left-wing groups. Now are sure we were always right. There has been a story make the rounds of the Net about Sheriff Joe Arpaio taking over Maricopa County animal control and saving millions of dollars. Here are the facts about all of the above. Sad, but true.

The facts:

PETA acknowledges they euthanized 95% of the animals at a shelter at their headquarters in 2011. The brutal tally: 1,965 of 2,050 were euthanized. This radical group that protests using animals for food, clothing, experiments and throws blood substitutes on women in furs is really a heartless group that kills animals in their care.

The facts:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s no-kill animal shelter, MASH, was created to house and care for animals that have been abused or neglected by their caretakers and rescued by the Animal Crimes Investigations Unit. The purpose of the shelter is to provide a safe, healthy and healing shelter for these tragic animals, who must necessarily await the outcome of their owners’ cruelty cases in court. Hopefully, their ultimate outcome will be adoption into loving, permanent homes.

The first shelter opened by Sheriff Arpaio is in the First Avenue Jail, located at First Avenue and Madison Street, Phoenix, Arizona. This 30-year-old jail previously held inmates, but was closed for repairs to plumbing in December 1999. Though no longer suitable for housing inmates, the jail looks like paradise to the four-footed victims now housed and recovering there.

The MASH location in the First Avenue Jail is air-conditioned, and the cells have been reconditioned to comfortably house animals. Some critics have said that it’s inhumane to put dogs and cats in air-conditioned quarters when inmates don’t have air conditioning. A good answer came from one of the inmates assigned to care for the dogs. When asked if she was resentful about not having air conditioning, she gestured to some of the dogs and said, “They didn’t do anything wrong. I did.”

Persons adopting animals from the MCSO Animal Safe Haven must promise to treat their adopted animals with care and affection, and:

Provide adequate meals and water
Provide a safe environment
Check animals daily (including ears and toes) for anything harmful to them – like burrs, foxtails, ticks and fleas
Brush and bathe animals regularly, and keep their nails clipped
Use flea and tick prevention
Do not hit the animals, even with a rolled-up newspaper
Use praise and humane obedience training
Obey all leash laws
Return unwanted animals to a “no-kill” shelter, or to MASH

All MASH animals available for adoption have started their shot series and have been spayed/neutered. Persons adopting animals will be responsible for continuing shot series and ongoing medical care, if needed.

Animal cruelty is a violent crime and should be taken seriously. Animal abuse often occurs in homes where domestic violence, child abuse, and/or elder abuse are present. FBI studies confirm that several murderers, including Jeffrey Dahmer, David Berkowitz (the Son of Sam) and Albert DeSalvo (the Boston Strangler), all tortured and mutilated animals as children. MCSO Animal Cruelty Investigators depend on the public to spot and report animal abuse.

The myth:

Joe did not take over all animal control in the county, nor did he save all this money nor much of the other claims in this story. Snopes has it right. The following story which you may have received is mostly not true. It’s smoke blown. Editor


Oh, there’s MUCH more to know about Sheriff Joe!

Maricopa County ( Phoenix and environs ) was spending approx. $18 million dollars a year on stray animals, like cats and dogs.. Sheriff Joe offered to take the department over, and the County Supervisors said okay.

The animal shelters are now all staffed and operated by prisoners. They feed and care for the strays. Every animal in his care is taken out and walked twice daily.. He now has prisoners who are experts in animal nutrition and behavior. They give great classes for anyone who’d like to adopt an animal. He has literally taken stray dogs off the street, given them to the care of prisoners, and had them place in dog shows.

The best part? His budget for the entire department is now under $3 million. Teresa and I adopted a Weimaraner from a Maricopa County shelter two years ago. He was neutered, and current on all shots, in great health, and even had a microchip inserted the day we got him.. Cost us $78.

The prisoners get the benefit of about $0.28 an hour for working, but most would work for free, just to be out of their cells for the day. Most of his budget is for utilities, building maintenance, etc. He pays the prisoners out of the fees collected for adapted animals.

I have long wondered when the rest of the country would take a look at the way he runs the jail system, and copy some of his ideas. He has a huge farm, donated to the county years ago, where inmates can work, and they grow most of their own fresh vegetables and food, doing all the work and harvesting by hand.

He has a pretty good hog farm, which provides meat, and fertilizer. It fertilizes the Christmas tree nursery, where prisoners work, and you can buy a living Christmas tree for $6 – $8 for the Holidays, and plant it later. We have six trees in our yard from the Prison.

Yup, he was reelected last year with 83% of the vote.
Now he’s in trouble with the ACLU again. He painted all his buses and vehicles with a mural, that has a special hotline phone number painted on it, where you can call and report suspected illegal aliens. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement wasn’t doing enough in his eyes, so he had 40 deputies trained specifically for enforcing immigration laws, started up his hotline, and bought 4 new buses just for hauling folks back to the border. He’s kind of a ‘Git-R Dun’ kind of Sheriff.




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    Obama releases 140 criminals and Paul Ryan has nothing to say. Trump pardons Joe and this sleaze ball says it’s wrong. With the full weight of all 200K botesbthat out him in office to do zilch

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