Obama’s Pardons

August/29/2017 7:58AM
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Let me put you in the mind of the great Paul Ryan , one-time candidate for Vice President of the United States, now full-time Judas for the current President, Donald J. Trump. He has gone on record with his tribe of do-nothing fools, Flake and McCain, undistinguished senators from Arizona, saying the Trump pardon of Sheriff Joe was not in keeping with the rule of law. Mind you, Ryan is not a lawyer but a one-time hot dog salesman who got a whopping 200,000 votes to put him in Congress.

Now, I’m going to ask you to do some work. Please run with me on this. Go to this link and scroll down until you become drowsy or comatose.


Now you be the judge. Trump pardoned a well-respected sheriff who did such a job fighting crime in Maricopa Country Arizona that he got national acclaim and reelections at 80% levels. His crime, supposedly he perjured himself about whether he was racially profiling illegals. This is a misdemeanor offense handed down by a liberal judge. Joe fought crime he didn’t commit crimes. But, Joe famously said the criminals I lock up will commit crimes again. But, after a stay in my tent city, they are unlikely to do so in my county.

So, as you scrolled down that list of commutations by Obama, did you have some of these thoughts?

1. Why?

2. Where were Ryan, McCain, and Flake?

3. I wonder how many people these released criminals have killed, raped, robbed or otherwise harmed?

4. Where was the media and where are they now to answer 3(above)?

This seems a lot like the antifa deal at Charlottesville. Trump said there were good and bad people on both sides and Ryan(Judas) jumped on that. As did every media outlet and weasel politician who fears the media. But, guess what, the Washington Post now labels the violent actions of the antifa in Berkley as violent acts by left -wing radicals.

How do you judge this? Feel free to put your comments down. Did the act of Trump with the sheriff constitute a gross disregard of the rule of law and the acts of Obama fit the rule of law?

IMG_2602Sherrif Joe

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