How’s That Trump News Conference on Charlottesville Look Now?

August/20/2017 20:42PM
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Leadership requires a special ability to endure pain. Any of us who have ever been in high-powered leadership jobs know this all too well.

I saw this quote somewhere and I can’t find the author. “If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway. People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.” It is the best quote I’ve  ever read about leadership. On the way up the ladder you strive to get strokes. At the top there are no strokes. You have to be able to take the criticism and determine whether your performance meets your standards.

So Trump speaks the truth about the events in Charlottesville and the news media doesn’t like his truth. So they trash him for days. The usual cowards run for cover. The false friends and true enemies. The false friends were mostly CEO’s who could be sued and fired for taking public political positions. Of course the gutless Republicans in DC jumped ship. The Paul Ryan’s and Mitt Romney’s of politics. Excuse this bluntness, but they have no balls, no brains, no talent, and no results.  They are the reason we elected Trump. Remember the polls showed 70% of the voting pubic thought the country was headed in the wrong direction before the election.  They were running the show along with the next group.

The true enemies begin with the media and move to the Democrats, one State Senator in Missouri calling for his assignation, Hollywood, the campuses, and the normal hotbeds of morons who want to make us into Venezuela.

Now comes Boston. The demonstrators on the left that Trump identified in Charlottesville now identified as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and one I identified as a  group known as Workers World Party(Communists), threw bottles of urine at the cops, beat a woman with an American flag, and other heinous acts and the Democrats and the media now own that mess. You tell me. Did Trump screw up in that news conference or did he set the trap and watch as the trap sprung? While this is going on there are terrorist acts in Europe and the Democrats own that too. Cops are shot and the Democrats own that too. Murders go up in Chicago and the idiot mayor has one platform, we are and will always be a sanctuary city.  A place where criminals who are here illegally can come and add to the death toll.

The media who gave us Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore and Dallas under the prior administration now gives us this. If you even suggest the brutal thugs on the left are thugs, you are a racist. Didn’t we distrust the media enough? Their credibility is so low it can’t sink further. But, don’t despair. Help is on the way.

It’s a race now. There are 62 million voters with no place to get news so there has never been such an opportunity for potential profit. Trump will fast track the takeover of the Tribune Media by Sinclair Broadcasting. The hang up has been that Sinclair is too far right. Really, and the rest are what? Center? And old Steve Bannon is going to take Breitbart into the TV cable news business. It’s a race to see who gets there first. On day one the bottom will fall out for the traditional media. If you own any of their stock, short it now.

Funny how what looked to be a debacle as defined by the media now becomes a debacle for the media and those who joined their spin fest. Karma.

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