Goodbye Chicago Tribune-38 Years a Reader

August/07/2017 6:08AM
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Enough is enough. As one of 60 million plus who voted for Trump I am done with buying a product that is unacceptable. Would you buy and wear a pair of shoes two sizes too small? The Chicago Tribune is a newspaper for those who voted for Bernie. The newspaper has been complicit in putting the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois into technical bankruptcy. It’s just a matter of time. That’s not enough the owner, publisher and editor want to take the country down too. Not on my dime. It’s so bad the sports page has become an extension of the editorial page. Fifty percent of the content, mostly by David Haugh, is about political correctness in sports.  He called for the end of football and predicted soccer will be the most popular sport in the USA in a few years. Read that once 30 years ago.

Here’s my letter of resignation:

Mr. Justin Dearborn, CEO

Tribune Publishing Co.

%LA Times

202 W. 1st. St.

LA, CA 90012

Dear Sir:

After 39 years of loyal home delivery of the Chicago Tribune print edition I find it necessary to cancel my subscription. I wear a size 10 shoe and you deliver a size 6 each day and I can no longer tolerate the pain.

I voted for Trump and you sell a product directed to the Bernie Sanders voter. I don’t really understand this because the typical Bernie voter doesn’t buy a newspaper, print or digital. I held out for the sports page since I no longer read the rest of the paper. You have raised rates to a ridiculous $847.83 a year for a sports page. Then you turned the sports page into an extension of the rest of the paper with David Haugh writing his political correctness columns. The one where he took on football and recommended some form of flag ball was the end.

Since everyone else in your business is going after the same segment I find that interesting as a retired marketing executive. There were 60 million of us who voted for Trump and we have no product of choice. Someone in your business will figure that out eventually and stay in the newspaper business far longer than your papers will last.

Wishing you the best in your efforts to stave off the ultimate demise of your newspaper.


Bill Robertson


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  1. Bill Robertson says:

    Tribune shook up top management. Going downhill. Will they adjust or stay the course and go away?

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