Suburbs to Bail Out Chicago Schools? Other States to Bail Out Illinois?

July/23/2017 7:00AM
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This is how socialism doesn’t work. If you are lazy, we who work, support you. If you are a substance abuser, we help you abuse, right up through your excessive medical bills . If you are promiscuous and have 7 kids and no husband, we keep you and your kids in that life style. If you sneak into this country and work for cash and show no income we double that income. We do this until there are more of you than us. Then it all breaks down. First Detroit, then Puerto Rico, then Venezuela, then Chicago, then Illinois.

Income redistribution always assumes there is income to redistribute. But, it is reaching that point in Illinois. Here’s the epitome of macro income distribution. Remember none of this can happen without a complicit media that sees socialism as the right direction. Chicago media have always supported socialism wrapped in progressive politics. In every teacher’s strike they are for the teachers. This is where that ends.

Jean Ives

This is from my state representative to the state of Illinois.

“Today, State Representative Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) called on Governor Rauner to veto SB1– a bill that would reroute state school funds to pay down Chicago Public Schools’ massive debt, resulting in higher suburban property taxes — as soon as it hits his desk.

Ives stated, “This bill would enshrine into state law that suburban taxpayers bail out corrupt and mismanaged Chicago Public Schools (CPS) over the next generation.”

CPS holds $17,000,000,000+ in debt.

“They are a bloated, corrupt and mismanaged organization,” Ives said of CPS. “After CPS intentionally skipped pension payments for 10 years, it now owes $10 billion to current and future retirees. CPS has more than $7 billion in other debt at “junk” interest rates.”

Put in perspective, CPS has more than three times its total annual budget in debt.  It owes three times as much as the state will spend on public schools for all districts this year.

SB1 is purposely opaque

“It is legislation written by insiders and lobbyists — not by legislators who represent taxpayers, parents and children,” said Ives.

By careful, intricate design, this bill cements preferential treatment for Chicago schools over all others in Illinois.

It requires non-Chicago taxpayers to bailout CPS’ insolvent pension fund– to the extent that is even possible– over the next 20-30 years, diverting billions from classroom instruction.

Presented as a “formula” that fairly distributes scarce state money to our state’s 800+ school districts serving nearly two million students, a closer look finds the equations are less math than typical Illinois politics.

SB1’s “formula” is purposely rigged to favor Chicago over all other districts.

“To be clear, three liberal political insiders concocted a scheme to bailout Chicago pensions on the backs of suburban school children.”


Now, my comments:

Why write about a  problem unique to Chicago and the suburbs, you ask?

Guess what happens when the state of Illinois goes broke. The other 49 states are going to be expected to bail Illinois out from years of mismanagement, just like the city of Chicago.

States that have no deficits will be expected to step in and pay a price for good stewardship.

How will you folks feel in your states where Republican governors have done a masterful job of balancing budgets? Where people and business have moved to from states like Illinois?

Its going to happen and it will get ugly. This country will be sorely tested, just as the state of Illinois is now. This is income redistribution at the highest level.

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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Why work? They have made it so easy to be on welfare business can’t even find people to work. It is a sad mess.

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