Trump Dustup with Mika Brzezinski

June/29/2017 19:03PM
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mika brzezinski

Day in and day out these clowns on Morning Joe take cheap shots at my president. I don’t watch so I went to her Twitter page to see what kind of crap she peddles. I had to go there because I discovered something  interesting.  Try this: go to Google and type in: “nasty comments about Trump by Mika Brzezinski”.  What did you get? Zero comments by her but 40 pages of nasty comment by Trump. You think the deck isn’t stacked from TV to the Internet, just explain this.

Never comments of the nature she makes about Trump about Obama.

Trump retaliates via Twitter. Says she was recovering from a facelift at his resort in Florida. All hell breaks loose. All the misogyny stuff. That the president needs to show more respect for the office. The media deserves better. The cowardly characters in Congress that can’t craft a health care bill jump in led by Paul Ryan , John McCain, and Lindsay Graham.

All of this on the heels of Trump bringing down CNN with the admission that the network knew the Russian narrative was BS.

What does this mean?

Trump got CNN and now he’s going after MSNBC. The daily barrage of anti-Trump media garbage that no one but the far left hears is getting silenced. We elected Trump because he is the anti-Obama. The president who knew the Russians were meddling in the elections but did nothing. First, he has no guts and second he knew Hillary had it in the bag and didn’t care.  Trump has cajonies and he will not tolerate this stuff from any media person and in this case it was a female. Women now go into combat and Ms. Brzezinski is in a nasty business. She can’t hide behind her gender. So she got punched back.

The rules have changed. The media are an extension of the Democratic Party and half of the Republicans in Congress are as well. The man we elected to fix this stuff is on an island and he’s doing one hell of a job for us under difficult circumstances. The media used to be respectful of the office of President. That is no longer true. Hence, the office need not be respectful of them. Simple as that Mika. you want to be a lady, don’t publish a  picture of yourself on a table like the one above.

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