Democrats and their Media Friends Have Lost their Way

June/23/2017 8:13AM
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The Democratic Party is 0-4 in special elections.  Seems their platform is being rejected. Let’s analyze that platform and see if we can determine what is going wrong.

Russian NarrativeTheir number one agenda is the Russian Narrative. They believe this is the highway to impeachment of Trump. The public seems to disagree.

They want to hold on to ObamaCare which is sinking faster than the Titanic. Seems the 8 million who may be enrolled will carry the next election for them while the rest of the population ,which has been negatively impacted by the plan, will agree. Nothing like $1,000 a month premiums and $5,000 deductibles to pull in the voters.

They want to let in more Muslims while there is a terrorist incident every day in a country that has done that.

They want to let all illegals stay. There are dozens of serious crimes committed every day by those who are here. The media try to keep a lid on that but it leaks.

They put VA employees who don’t do their jobs above veterans who did theirs. Thanks to Trump hundreds will get fired with cause now and it will get better.

They want to spend more on Amtrak, a poorly run passenger railroad ,and Trump is peeling $600 million out in a first step to get the government out of the railroad business. Guess he had a model train as a kid and doesn’t need a real one as a president.

They want to keep a failing educational system in place rather than raise our test scores vs. the world.

They want to give money to other countries under the guise of Climate Change while Trump has kept our money and told the world no.

They compare everything the Republicans want to do with helping the wealthy. From tax reform to revising ObamaCare. It’s not working because the average American is not working.

Nancy Pelosi says she’s the best leader in the history of Congress but she keeps calling Trump “Bush” on national TV. She and McCain are the poster children for term limits. The face of the Democratic Party along with crying Chuck Schumer ( nasty NY accent and bad hair plugs), Elizabeth Warren, Hillary, Bernie, and the rest.

The stock market is up, the deficit is heading down, jobs are being created and attitudes are more positive.  Your head of the DNC can’t speak 10 words without profanity. Must be emulating cocktail party talk in the NYC or LA. All in all you are like Sears, a once great retailer that is going, going, gone. Or, Illinois, a once great state that is circling the drain like Sears. Poor products, bad leadership, improper spending, and incorrect strategies lead  to ultimate failure. Can’t wait until the mid- term elections.

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