British Politician Nigel Evans Speaks for Trump

June/01/2017 5:54AM
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Wouldn’t it be great if some Republican Politician made this speech? Or, some journalist, or a celebrity? Have you ever heard an American politician make a speech like this on the House or Senate floor? No, our little elitists lawyers are busy grilling some dimwit about Russia. They have converted Congress into the People’s Court. Little Judge Judie’s preening for the camera and trying to impress the voters back home with their law degrees. Nigel speaks with no notes, no TelePrompTer and from the heart. His message is simple. The audience in Parliament is disconnected from the people and that’s why they don’t understand how Brexit and Trump happened. Just as the so-called elites in politics and the media don’t understand how Trump became president and want him gone. But, 61 million of us did get it and if that total grows based on his performance the elitists can attack all day every day and it won’t matter. Nigel sees that. Most inane Democrats, the media, the entertainment industry, the millennials , and a smattering of Republicans (McCain) don’t. Nigel is warning Parliament that they need to wake up. No one is speaking up for Trump here except Trump.

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