Alexandria Shootings

June/15/2017 6:24AM
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It’s Tucson, Arizona all over again. A deranged person gets a gun and shoots up a group of people at a political event. Then it was a political rally for Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, now it’s a baseball practice for the Republican Congressional baseball team. President Obama made an impassioned speech to tamp down the rhetoric and the next week he racheted it up. The media called for gun control. The politicians pointed fingers all over the place. The country understood there are deranged people all over the world and one just happened to shoot a politician rather than a citizen. After all, the South side of Chicago has been a war zone for years.

A man who has a criminal record for DUI and assault living in his car in Washington DC, when his home is in Illinois, has issues. Being a Bernie Sanders supporter has nothing to do with those issues, just a symbol of his plight in life.

One thing is different. The tamp the rhetoric down speech by Obama was no more successful than his closing of Gitmo. It has gotten worse and more violent.  The Huffington Post called for the assignation of Trump. A comedienne does a bit with a severed head resembling Trump. A Democratic Senator from NY throws the f word into her speeches as does the head of the DNC. A senator from California rudely questions the AG on national TV.

Violence is prevalent in much of our entertainment today.

We can’t let our kids play outside unattended and soon we will be isolated for fear of violence on the block.

One thing is certain, it needs to change.

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