University Protests

May/04/2017 8:28AM
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The student loan bubble will burst, it’s just a question of when and how much it will damage the US economy. It’s $1.4 trillion with zero assets backing it. The housing bubble was $1.2 trillion with houses that were mortgaged at much higher prices backing those loans. Obama did this. Just as Clinton and the Democrats demanding bank make bad loans to minority buyers who could not repay created the housing bubble. Without the government agencies backing the bad paper, the banks would not have approved the mortgages. Without the government backing bad student loans, the loans would not be made. When bubbles burst the true culprits are long gone and the blame falls on the ones left trying to clean up the mess.

Students want free tuition and liberals like Bernie and Liz make that a platform. Nancy Pelosi said this week, “it’s a crime to let people who work keep tax money” In other words, if you work you should give your money to Nancy who can then give it to people who don’t work. Tuition costs are inflating far faster than other prices in today’s economy. Just as the price of houses were in the mortgage bubble era. Easy money will do that. Universities are run by educators who can’t run a lemonade stand and overseen by trustee who want good seats for football games.  If tuition were free, who decides which colleges and university get the money, which students, and how much? Nancy Pelosi, of course. Can you say ObamaCare?

So, we have students who shouldn’t be at college because they can get easy money to go with no more than a signature. We have colleges that wouldn’t exist if those students who shouldn’t be in college were doing something else, like trade school, military, or manufacturing. Businesses can’t hire mechanics today, but college graduates with degrees in African Studies have $120K in student loans and are flipping burgers.

Why all the anger and protests on our college campuses today? Here’s an old blog that explains a big part of the problem. Keep in mind that somewhere down the road the inflated, bloated salaries of these professors will be the equivalent of the billions the mortgage brokers raked in when they were selling loans to people who couldn’t pay. This was my blog  on 7-14-09.

Diversity at the University

July/14/2009 17:54PM

Across the country, it has been so important to have diversity in the workplace. It should be particularly important at the university level. The young minds of our children and grand children are placed in the custody of the faculty during a critical time in their development. Does diversity include political affiliations? Evidently not.


Over the years, universities have been adding minorities and women to the rolls of their faculty just like all business has done. We suspect it must be a lonely place for a conservative to work. And, it must be lonely for a conservative student to learn.


Dan Lawton, a journalism student at the University of Oregon, decided to do some research. He wrote an article for the school paper about this question. Dan’s research showed there were one hundred and eleven registered Democrats and two Republicans in the schools of journalism, law, sociology, and economics. The Republicans were in the school of law and one was the University President. The president, Dave Frohnmayer, fostered a Diversity Plan in 2006. The plan was intended to help the “individual learn to question critically, think logically, and communicate clearly”. It included political diversity as one of the elements to promote. Well, President Frohnmayer, you aren’t going to like your grade on that mission.


More research showed 96% of political contributions went to Democrats in 2008; in 2004, 100% of political contributions went to Democrats. I guess the former president was a liberal.


So, the budding journalist published his story in the university paper. You can predict the outcome. He was vilified by the faculty. One professor confronted him saying he was personally offended by the article. He said, “if you like conservatism you can certainly attend the University of Texas and you can walk past the statue of Jefferson Davis everyday on your way to class”. Another stated, “You think you’re so (expletive) cute with your little column” she remarked. “I read your piece and all your want is attention. You’re just like Bill O’Reilly. You just want to get up on your (expletive) soapbox and have people look at you.”


In this sea of liberalism that exists on every campus today, how does a student from a conservative family not get the Stockholm Syndrome? You know the one where prisoners sympathize with their captors? If a university like Oregon really wanted to add political diversity to the faculty, how could they do that with tenure?


How did the conservatives in America let this happen? How do they fix the unfairness? Do you demand your kid’s university of choice have political diversity? If you do, would that limit the choice to the University of Texas? I have a feeling if a student at the University of Texas did a similar piece of research, it might not be so different.



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