Trump’s Biggest Challenge

March/17/2017 9:46AM
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Trump’s biggest challenge is not making America Great Again, he knows precisely how to do that. If he had the 24,500 employees he had in his corporation he could do that in a year. It’s the 600 employees we have saddled him with. The egotistical , ignorant, unemployable members of Congress who are clueless about the direction needed to change the country’s direction. Many were complicit in taking us in the wrong direction. Now, Trump must negotiate with fools to get some momentum going. Just look at the rogue’s gallery(above). Who, in business, would hire any one of them?

His public relations firm, Twitter, their PR firm, millions of dollars of  free exposure from the only group less competent than Congress, the mainstream media.

We put a competent businessman in office then give him an incompetent staff to work with and a PR group that hates him. Despite this, he will make progress, just much slower than he could.

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