Rachael Maddow Does a Geraldo Rivera

March/15/2017 10:15AM
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Kind of sums it up doesn’t it? They have never let up from day one. Then the worst of the worst, Rachael Maddow does her best Geraldo opens the vault imitation. Hypes the 2005 Trump tax return and shows it on air.

The problem his income tax percentage is higher than that of : MSNBC, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Comcast. Who wins again, Trump, who actually released his 2005 taxes before Maddow could do her show. Trump, who showed once again how much the mainstream media wants to damage him. Trump, who in busy doing good works for the country while the slimy media and Democrats can’t get off losing the election 4 months ago.

Small minded, ignorant people who are totally clueless about priorities.

It’s a shame that a few million people who think the West Wing was real and get their news from the View and MSNBC are still hanging on with these fools.

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  1. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    Obviously she is looking for a new gig like Jerry Rivers was.

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