Gorsuch and the NY Times

March/13/2017 12:44PM
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David Leonhardt of the NY Times give the readers a perspective on the nomination of Neil Gorsuch in an article titled: ” Why Democrats Should Oppose Neil Gorsuch”. His logic is simple. First his, then mine. His: the Republicans stole the nomination from Obama. Here’s his logic: “the change is terribly damaging for the country’s political system. It impedes the smooth functioning of the court and makes it a much more partisan institution. The Democrats should presume that Gorsuch does not deserve confirmation because the process that led to his nomination was illegitimate. When the people hear the name Neil Gorsuch, as qualified as he may be, they should associate him with a constitutionally damaging power grab.” He does acknowledge that the Democrats can do nothing about it if the Republicans use the nuclear option, invented by one Harry Reid.

That’s his logic. The Republicans did Obama wrong by not accepting his nominee and the Democrats should return the favor, even though they can’t, it makes it look good if they try, and that is not partisan politics nor a power grab or damaging to the country’s political system.

Here’s my take. Anyone who works for the NY Times is a bleeding liberal and will not write any article that doesn’t reflect their personal political position. That’s why the once great Grey Lady is no more than a rag that panders to the left. An extension of CNN.  The Democratic Party, CNN, and the NY Times are all extinct, the ceremony is just being delayed.

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