What Does Drain the Swamp Mean?

February/17/2017 12:01PM
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Government employees are on edge. Rex Tillerson started making severe cuts at the State Department. What is the basis for these cuts? First, cost control. Something Obama never did. If there is duplication or overlap, jobs are eliminated. Second, competency, again something that never came into play with the Obama Administration. Third, and not the most significant, loyalty. There are layers and layers of government employees at every level still loyal to the Obama administration and the liberal politics of that group. This has been very evident with the so-called Russian scandal. They all have to go.

This cleansing process will create more Russian scandal type leaks and issues. Knowing their ass is grass these weasels will be running to the media on their way out the door. The media will label this chaos. Business people would call it streamlining. Cutting inefficiencies, dismissing marginal employees, and ,when change occurs at the top, sorting out those who can’t make the change in culture and giving them an opportunity to go where the culture fits them better.

If you are a Trump supporter you will need to understand this process and not let the media spin it like they are  already doing.  To reduce the deficit and cut the debt it will be necessary to a lot of this. Tillerson has a lot of experience doing this at Exxon. When they merged with Mobil thousands of duplicate employees had to be sent packing. Employees from both companies who didn’t like the merger had to be nudged out. The efficiencies that prompted the merger had to be realized and it was tough work. Our government has never engaged in tough work outside the military.

When you think swamp, you think lobbyists, budgets, regulations, and the like. And, that’s all true. But, doing what Tillerson is doing, department by department, is the biggest swamp drain. Look at the Secret Service. During the Obama tenure there was scandal after scandal. A permissive culture generates this behavior. Look at the VA, the IRS, and the like. The DOE that gave billions to companies that failed. This is the Mother of all Swamps.

The Democrats, the employees, and the media will fight this step by step. If you voted for less government, balanced budgets, and debt reduction you will need to turn a deaf ear to the noise.

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