Who Sets the US President’s Agenda?

January/07/2017 9:15AM
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Does the president set the agenda? Do his advisors set the agenda? The media? The polls?

Let’s examine the past week. Everything coming out of the White House concerns Russian Hacking. Even hostilities are being mentioned. Two hair-brained senile Republican senators, who would start a war over food that’s too hard to chew, go off on a tax-payer funded trip to stir things up more. All of this  for nothing. The so-called victim of hacking, Hillary, had a private server which we conveniently forget, and even though several DNC e-mails were made available to the mainstream media, most of those sleaze-balls failed to publish much of the material.

The intelligence community, which is an oxymoron under Obama, seems pleased that they can document the hacking. Really, would you rather have them prevent hacking at the beginning or stop it quickly, rather than reconstruct the events to please a lame duck president?

So, is this Obama setting this agenda or the media? Oh, just an aside, there was a terrorist act at the Ft. Lauderdale airport by an individual called a white-Hispanic by one news outlet. One who had talked to the FBI before. Sound familiar? The media are still more focused on the Russian hacking than this. My call, Obama and the media have set the agenda together the past eight years. They have put a positive spin on everything he has done. Together, they created ObamaCare and keep putting lipstick on the pig and never, never mention “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. Tell that to millions of us who have been dropped by our doctors we liked.

While all of this Russian hacking stuff has been going forth, Trump has largely ignored it completely choosing to work on other things like getting corporations to move jobs back here or create jobs here. This is called setting an agenda. This is telling the media to piss off I will ignore you for the next four years and do what I promised, and, the public, far more intelligent than the media, will reward me and my party for getting results. The difference for the next four years will very visible. The ignorant media will attack the very things that create success because they will be in conflict with the media’s position. Watch, for example, the democrats have a catchy phrase to keep Republicans from fixing ObamaCare,” they will make America sick again”. The media will support this and never point out the train wreck that is ObamaCare.

See, the media would like more of what Obama gave us. The strategy that renders Detroit, Chicago, Illinois, Puerto Rico, California, and New York. Or, Cuba, Greece, or worse. Galloping liberal socialism with environmental overkill. The happy highway they and Obama have driven us down for eight years.

Trump has a new GPS and we will travel a different route the next 4 years and he will set the agenda and it will rankle the media to tears. They will vilify him daily and self-destroy themselves even more than they have, if that’s possible. Part of making America Great Again is being able to ignore those who have great power but no brains. You can either ignore the ignorant or stop the progress. It will be painful to watch but the choice is yours.

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