The Great Wall of Trump

January/14/2017 9:09AM
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Interesting to watch the people who scoff at the idea that Trump can get Mexico to pay for a wall on our southern border. Probably most of you think it was just another stupid campaign promise, right?

To understand Trump one must think out of the box, totally unlike the typical politician. The typical politician is one who has agreed with sending foreign aid to countries that hate us to try to buy their good will. Mexico doesn’t hate us but we are slated to send them $140 million in foreign aid in 2017. Obama gave them $75 million to build their wall between them and Guatemala.

Here’s what I believe Trump sees. I see it, and I’m not a billionaire, but Harvard Business School does teach one to examine all the variables when examining a problem or opportunity.

First, Mexico is not a good neighbor. They have been shipping us their drugs, their gangs, their poor(12 million or more), and their trade goods. And, their presidents, especially Fox, have been arrogant with the likes of our lame presidents making them feel  they need to be apologetic and ignore  the crap they pull on us. The leadership of Mexico has been incompetent forever, like an eternal Obama. That’s why we get their poor because their country is a mess. They tried to run their oil business and have run it dry. Finally, they have the likes of Exxon back in there drilling for them(can you say Rex Tillerson?).

If you had a neighbor that treated you like Mexico treats us would you be giving that neighbor money and listening to their crap wile watching theirr dog crap in your yard? That’s what Bush and Obama did.

Here’s Trump’s leverage. If Mexico wants to keep a $50 billion trade deficit with us they will cough up a few billion to build a wall and start being a better neighbor. They already see he’s serious since he has stopped some US companies from building plants in Mexico. He will put a big hurt on the Mexican economy and the degree of that hurt will be determined by the amount of cash the bad neighbor hands over to build the wall. See, we’ve always been in the driver’s seat with Mexico, we’ve just had lazy dumb leaders who like riding in the back.

Our southern neighbor is about to get a much needed dose of humility and the big dog to the north is going to start calling the shots like we should have for the past 30 years. Mucho Gracias senor presidents de Mexico for the nice wall.

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