Elizabeth Warren

January/17/2017 9:14AM
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The new face of the Democratic Party, Elizabeth Warren. Barack Obama on crack cocaine. A person who has accomplished nothing in her life that could possibly suggest a single leadership quality. A screaming rabid Pekingese who is a one trick pony. Attack corporate America. Good idea, seems to be these days. There are enough fellow citizens who believe it’s all about getting a fair shake. That it’s a zero sum game. The rich have more than enough to fulfill the dreams of the poor, who only have one dream, have a great life with little effort.


The logic of this woman becoming the face of the party defies me. She represents the group that has done the most damage to the millennials. Academia. They have gouged the youth of today for the past 15  years raising tuition with no conscience. Student loans are like a license to steal for the colleges and universities and they are working it like Bonnie and Clyde. No salary is too high, no perk too great, no luxury too much.

The result is a generation that is assured to have a lower standard of living than their parents with crushing student loans topping one trillion dollars. No money for a condo or a house, living at home, and scarce jobs from corporate America under the Obama reign.

This screaming witch can package her rage against Wall Street, banks, and industry in such a way that the solution to their problem becomes the enemy and her proposed solution becomes the government. Don’t worry young folks your government will take care of you.

Ms. Warren, esteemed senator from Massachusetts, there is a potential pitfall to your grand plan. He’s Donald Trump. If he get’s the economy going again, like Reagan did, your pitch rings hollow. Even millennials can see success if things brighten, and it might be hard for Obama, hanging around DC, to try to claim it’s his work.

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