America-Doormat to the World

January/30/2017 10:46AM
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IMG_2922When I voted for Trump it was for many reasons, this is one. I am tired of this country being the doormat the world wipes its feet on.

Let’s just start with our neighbor to the south, Mexico. This country has cost our country billions. Sending their poor across our border to work here, pay no taxes here, and send money back home. Estimated to be 12 million, that’s probably very low. It doesn’t stop there. They send goods manufactured there back here and the trade deficit is $60 billion, probably low again. Plus, they are the leading importer of illegal drugs to our youth, costing billions more. Not everyone crossing that border is a hard- working, good citizen. Some rob, rape, and kill. All the time our leaders expect us to accept that this is “who we are as a country”. Really, stupid, is that what we have become? When Bush or Obama made any noise about the injustice of this, the Mexican leaders become bellicose. Trump is going to change this and Fox, the ex-president and most bellicose, calls our president Hitler. Look, my fellow Americans, this is a flea dancing with an elephant, and the flea is leading. We have put up with enough from Mexico and we need to start stomping around and see how fast the flea can hop.

I can move to the UN. We pay the bills, put up with the people they send to NYC(immunity to any crimes they commit), and they vote against us ever time. We have created a little club where the members hate us and we give them a platform to tell the world what’s wrong with us.

All the protests over Trump’s decision to halt immigration from seven countries, hogwash. Memories are short and we have forgotten that we did nothing to provoke 9/11. We went into Iraq and Afghanistan to root out the bad guys. In Iraq, Hussein, was killing thousands of his people(gassing Kurds) and we stopped that. We are the world’s policeman, after all. Since, WWII we have taken that role. Korea, Viet Nam, Bosnia, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq, we left thousands of our young behind. What has it gotten us? No appreciation anywhere.

Foreign aid, billions spread all over the world. Thanks, zero.

The greatest scam of all, global warming. The UN wants us, because we have assets, to pay a penalty to Africa and undeveloped nations for having assets until we have fewer or none. And some of our leaders were actually buying into this. Hilary Clinton, on her first trip as Secretary of State, went to Canada and suggested they stop the extraction of oil from tar sands. Canada, the country that had become our leading supplier of oil, please stop for climate change. Obama hoped that killing the Keystone Pipeline would stop this. That’s what he said was his reason. But, Warren Buffet got him elected the second time and Warren owns the BN railroad, and that was the real reason.

Look, it’s time to stop being the fool as a country. It’s time to be the elephant not the flea. Trump is doing that and we have millions of snowflakes in this country that will object to his actions. The media, as we know it today, will lead the protests, just as they did in Ferguson, Missouri. There is no more ignorant institution in this world than the US media. They, like the drooling Sr. Senator for the great state of Arizona, John McCain, last in his class at Annapolis, will be wrong every time. We will get new choices for news, but in the interim we will get daily protests, covered extensively by these fools.

Strap it on, it’s going to be a rough ride, but we won the election and the man we put in there will follow through on his promises despite the thrashing he will take from the fools who made us doormats. Get your ass off my porch, Mexico, the UN, Hollywood, the media, and all the rest of the world lest I turn the dogs out.


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