Things I Grew Tired of in 2016

December/20/2016 21:45PM
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First, a disclaimer. This is not a comprehensive list. I reserve the right to add to this before the end of 2016.

1. Anyone named Obama

2. Anyone named Clinton

3. Anything called media-rename this: liberal propaganda

4. election ads

5. crybaby liberals

6. Hollywood celebrities playing politics-most of you should have left the country by now

7. vets not getting medical attention

8. hacking Russians

9. McCain and Graham

10. Kaepernick

11. Unbuilt pipelines

12. Snowflakes, puppies, and play doh

13. Bernie Sanders-take the millions you extorted from dumb young people retire to your new lake house

14. Black lives matter

15. Loretta Lynch-take the millions you got from the Clinton Foundation and buy a lake house near Bernie

16. Megyn Kelley-go to CNN where you belong

17. Sanctuary Cities-see how you get along without Federal $

18. Closing Gitmo( 8 years of this)

19. Joe Biden

20. Syrian refugees—“that’s not who we are as a country” God, will I miss that dogma

21. ObamaCare

22. Leaking borders

23. Common Core

24. TSA lines(privatized)

25. IRS scandals

26. Watching a president try to throw a baseball in Mom jeans, ride a bike with training wheels, jive down the plane ramp, lecture the world, and be a regular on the View(cancelled).


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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Very good list. I agree. Merry Christmas to everyone. Hopefully Merry Christmas will be back to stay instead of Happy Holidays. Hope everyone has a Blessed New Year.

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