Putin’s Election Hacking

December/18/2016 8:35AM
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Mr. Obama, during what is his version of a press conference, directly accused the Russian President of influencing the US election by hacking the DNC. Then, said the US media tilted the election in Trump’s favor by utilizing the information and blasting Hillary with the news.

First, let me address what “his version” of a press conference means to me. Selected reporters who are fawning over Obama are asked a question. The, Obama makes a speech often lasting 10-15 minutes. Hence, in a 1 hour and 40 minute press conference 10 questions get asked. None of the 10 have anything to do with big relevant issues that might shed a negative light on Obama. After eight years we have grown weary of this.

He is simply using the purported Putin hacking as his excuse for his role in Hillary losing the election and Democrats having the fewest people in office since Reconstruction in the 1800’s. Simple as that. Look no further for any explanation. It’s the Obama out.

Polls showed that 75% of the voters thought the country was headed in the wrong direction. That’s why Trump is the president-elect. The country is headed that way because the man pointing the finger at Putin took us there.

A narcissist can never take responsibility for any failure. There will always be a convenient list of excuses to explain away even the most obvious mistakes. This man is very good at this. He has practiced it all his life.

Sadly he will use this to the detriment of fragile relationships with the Russians that are the result of his administration’s failures. His, Hillary Clinton’s and John(the fool) Kerry’s. No matter, not his problem, pass this on to Trump. And, take a few cheap shots at Trump on the way out the door.

Yes, over 40% of the public will buy your blather, that’s still your approval rating. That included the press groveling at your feet, both coasts, Hollywood, educators at every level, and those who have enjoyed the largess of your generous run-up of the debt to $20 trillion. The problems your fictions cause will damage the Democratic party for years to come as you replace Jimmy Carter as the worst president in our recent history.

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