How Trump became President Elect

November/16/2016 7:29AM
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He ignored all conventional wisdom. Used the advice of those he trusted to be smart, talented people combined with his years of good business judgment and sailed on that ship. First on the list of those he ignored were the media. He recognized the media for what they are, a tool. Used them like a hoe.

Then came his fellow Republicans. Losers  of the last two elections. Detested by many for their lack of performance after being given the House then the Senate. He picked a few who recognized that he was a smart guy and had a plan, but many were cast aside. Right, Messrs Ryan, McCain, Graham, all named Bush, and the names and pictures we can expect not to play a big role in the new administration?

He forged ahead into the stiff winds and emerged Trump, the Conqueror, slayer of the evil Clinton’s’. I have written this blog for over 8 years waiting for this hope.

Now, as he makes his plans and puts his staff in place, the same wise people are coming forth and critiquing his decisions. It won’t end, the ignorant losers patch their wounds and long for the days when they were wrecking this country.  Here’s the classic example. Mayor Emanuel, who barely won a runoff against a man named Chuy, is front and center. Sees his last chance to be our president. Why not, presiding over the worst run city in the country is better than being a community organizer. He challenges Trump’s immigration policy by telling the illegal immigrant criminals Trump proposes to deport, come to Chicago, you are welcome here. Sure, what Chicago needs is more gang bangers, more drugs, and more guns. Just think about that. The media are all over this. It fits their ideology. And, further explains why Trump is president elect. The sea of stupidity in this country has shrunk to a pond replaced by an ocean of common sense.

Everything these progressive elitists wish for is not in the best interest of the majority of Americans. The have used positions of power to sell bad political policy for the past 8 years and the public isn’t buying anymore.

Trump recognized that and sold common sense to the multitude of voters who still possess some.   I don’t know what will happened to the media, but I suspect there will be alternatives to the ones we have. When US carmakers stopped making quality cars the Japanese took over and forced quality on the domestic manufacturers. There will be new media to replace the existing train wrecks and they will do very well. Someone like the Koch brothers , show also misjudged Trump, will buy a failing CNN, i.e., and make it a common sense newscaster. It will happened rather quickly since  Trump supporters have stopped watching, listening, and reading the left-wing propaganda we have now.

As someone said when the tide goes out we can see who is swimming naked, and it’s those who believe America appreciates naked swimmers or unisex bathrooms.

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