Trump Says Elections are Rigged

October/24/2016 5:40AM
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He said it in the debate. He said he wouldn’t immediately concede if he lost. This was it, says the, oh so wise, media in America. It’s over. He has just lost the election. Obama, who is always wrong on everything, went on the campaign trail and called him a whiner. Joe Biden, the man with no brain, said he wished they were in school and he would take Trump out behind the gym.  Hillary, after the drugs they gave her to weather the debate wore off, said all sorts of idiotic things. Played the gender card and said he called her nasty. Sorry, Hill, but you are one nasty piece of work. If nasty is defined by a foul-mouthed, two-faced (your speeches to Wall Street), corrupt, serial lying, incompetent, screech owl. .

But, I digress, we were told it was the fatal mistake, the one that would all but hand the election to Hillary. The weak-kneed, shit in their neck, establishment Republicans ran harder and faster from the party candidate.

But, lo and behold, Trump jumps 4 points in the polls and these same so-called pundits say it was due to the rigged position. They do their little polls and find the American public believe the election is rigged. How can voters be that smart?

Well, let’s see.  If the media run story after story trashing Trump and supporting Clinton, the public gets it. Democrats can deny it, the media can deny it, but the public clearly sees it and evidently Americans, who normally support fair play, are tired of unfair tactics. The same groups say there is no election fraud. Those groups who refuse to require ID’s at the polls claiming it’s a racial thing. Minorities can’t get to where they have to go to get an ID. No one has believed this for years either. The same groups who want to import more illegals and Syrians to vote for their party. The same group that wants to let criminals vote.

How hard would it be to commit voter fraud? Facts are always good.  Every time we vote we are reminded of how surprised we are when we walk in and all they want is our address.

So I just find a hacker who can access the voter registration rolls and cross check against deaths and frequency of voting. If Jane Doe passed away and she’s still on the voter registration list, I have a potential voting option.  If John Doe hasn’t voted for 20 years and he’s registered, I have another. So, I load up my van with people I’m paying to vote all day, and using early voting, I take them to polling place after polling place. Early voting, of course. I’m just one of many who have been hired by the Democratic party to provide them votes. I get paid by the vote. See, James O’Keefe(Google him) taped this whole deal in Chicago, of all places ,where two Democratic operatives lost their jobs admitting they could deliver the votes.  No media outlet is interested in those tapes. Surprise.

It seems to me that Mr. Trump has his finger on the pulse of the swing voter and he’s saying what those voters want to hear. Once again those good folks running against him may be wrong. Those folks being the Democrats, the Republican establishment, and the media.

Here are the six points from his Gettysburg speech, ” contract with America”:

1. Term limits for Congress

2. Hiring freeze on federal employees(exempting military, pubic safety, and public health)

3. to put in a new federal regulation, two must be eliminated.

4. a 5 yr. ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists

5. a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government

6. a complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections

This, my friends, is called a platform and a promise. Combine this with the previous platforms on energy reform, tax reform, foreign trade, and his positions on:

1. conservative Supreme Court justices

2. uncover rampant corruption in DC

3. repeal and replace ObamaCare

4. immigration

5. end common core

6. shrink the department of education and put it back in the states

7. require voter ID’s

8, protect the 2nd amendment

9. end political correctness

This is how he says he will “Make America Great Again” Hillary says, America is great, we just keep doing what Obama started to make America Venezuela.

So, the Cubs are in the World Series and Trump is moving up in the polls. Wouldn’t it be great to have the Cubs win the Series for the first time in 108 years and to have a non-politician running the country for the first time since Ronald Reagan?

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