Political Candidates’ Tax Returns

October/04/2016 6:03AM
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I must be the dumbest person on this earth. I cannot , for the life of me, care one iota what a political candidate’s tax return says.

First of all, Al Capone learned what happens when you don’t pay your income taxes. He was a famous mobster who supposedly killed people, beat people, stole from people and engaged in every form of criminal activity. But, the IRS put him in Alcatraz.

The tax code was designed by the very fools we have elected into office in Congress and their predecessor. But, mostly by their lobbyists. They have paid these elected officials millions of dollars over the years to design this code. Hence, it’s for lobbyists designed by politicians. It’s enforced by the IRS, an agency suspected of favoring Democrats, with a leader the Republicans have tried to get fired for unfair bias.

So, am I to believe a candidate is like Al Capone and not paying taxes or his fair share of taxes and the tax return will show that? Am I to believe the candidate should pay more than the tax code requires to be a good citizen? More like a fool, if you want my opinion. Will the tax return show me the candidate is getting favorable treatment by the IRS? No, I hope not. Is it going to show me the IRS is not doing its job. No, especially if the candidate is being audited? Probably meaning the candidate is a republican.

If a corporation or a candidate is not paying any taxes whose fault is that? The people in Congress who wrote that code not the corporation or the candidate.

So, if you care about this, I apologize, but I think it’s best for the country if you don’t vote. See, you are being influenced by the media, which is not qualified to influence any voters. This is the classic example of why that is true. They want you to be influenced by something that is not relevant to any election. If you still feel its relevant, please re-read the logic(above).  After re-reading and you aren’t convinced, go ahead and vote for the Clinton Crime family. They donated a million dollars to the charity of their choice, the Clinton Foundation, then used it for air travel to exotic places and expensive dinners for their friends and family. It’s the biggest money laundering scheme in the history of the world. The FBI has over 100 agents trying to unravel this mess. Worry about that.

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